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I Don’t Trust TEMU…

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Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! TEMU is one of the fastest growing online shopping sites that you may have seen your favorite YouTuber sponsor. Is it trustworthy? Let’s read into it and make a decision for ourselves. Thanks for watching!
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  1. As I'm watching your video there is literally an ad advertising Temu below your video playing 😂

  2. I like that the ad before the video was temu lol

  3. I feel like Temu does work (you can buy stuff there and it will arrive) but the rewards are kind of sketchy

  4. Honestly if you are dumb enough to believe you will get a $7 switch from Temu you deserve to be scammed

  5. Literally got a temu ad when I clicked this video 😭 waiting for it to end typing this

  6. Download, now please. I want my massager dammit.

  7. my grandma bought like 20 shirts from temu and they all came. idk how long it took but the clothes were legit. i don’t think the nintendo switches are legit despite the reviews saying they are

  8. I keep getting ads from them about $7 switches. I know that's a lie. And it's getting annoying

  9. I think the thing i would be most afraid buying from asia big sellouts is my data i dont want to know how many data went to scammer companies

  10. Love getting Temu ads on Temu Slander videos

  11. Why the heck did I get the advert just before this, is this a psyop……..?

  12. Shipping is always free and the quality is 99% of the time amazing. all my electronics have worked wonderfully. I have never had an issue and spent a couple thousand by now. Stuffed animals are soo soft. Its fantastic. IDC I LOVE IT and resale for extra bucks. GREAT QUALITY STOP DISSING IT TILL YOU TRY! AND FREE SHIPPING ALWAYS!! dont be judgemental out of ignorance.

  13. It’s not a good sign when 9/10ths of what I see on this marketplace is a scam on TikTok

  14. If anything this just pisses me off, since we’re in the middle of a climate crisis and this shitty ass company comes along to mass sell landfill to people

  15. Ain’t no way they’re selling Nintendo switch for 7$ 💀💀

  16. Queen’s Strongest Jellybean Soldier says:

    If its a chinese company you should immediately be sh*tting yourself. They only seek to steal info and sell it

  17. Got me to download the app with the 7 dollar Nintendo switch lite, says the sale ends in 9 hours, you click on the sale it doesn’t go anywhere no where to find this 7 dollar switch. Spams you with a bunch of rewards and discounts and stuff.

  18. I placed 1 order with TEMU. The same day my card got charged for $90 from a random company I've never heard of. They're either a scam or have no security. Then they denied they're responsible for my card info getting out.

  19. The only reason it’s the Top 1 app right now is because it pretty much forces new users to download the app in order to make the purchase

  20. Youre a good son for helping with getting your mom off with the ‘hand massager’ 🥰

  21. Those lip balms are RIP OFFS! It looks like vaseline, same container and label. Always some sketchy shit on Temu

  22. On aliexpress you always get your cheep crap.

  23. I have ordered twice from Temu and have been happy with the quality and price of the merchandise.

  24. my sister bought me stuff off of temu so wish me luck yall

  25. Has anyone heard their creepy ad with the song in the weird monotone voice? Freaks me out so bad

  26. I just don't understand why so many people use it. How desperate are you for material things? I understand poverty, but seriously this is ridiculous. Better to buy something of quality at a higher price(that lasts) instead of buying something cheap multiple times because it doesn't last.

  27. Im ngl I’ve ordered from Temu so many times the stuff is a lil low quality but most of it works as intended (the packaging is kinda not good but it’s still not dog shit) sum I don’t like about the packaging is that it leaves an orange tint on ur hands

  28. Must be popular with the girls, never even heard of it until you talk about it. Considered your channel is likely 90% males, TEMU most likely target females for affordable fancy fashions.

  29. My entire class has temu and pressured me to download it but i deleted it today

  30. Dont worry. After getting an Godforsaken ad for them every 5 seconds I already hate them. Not to mention they sell some really stupid products. One of them is a cellphone holder for your car.

  31. i opened the site for the first time and immediately saw stolen art of one of my favorite artists

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