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I destroyed a Vtuber Minecraft Server Breaking Torches and Beds

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This is the result of my participation in KemoV’s “Kemono Stadium” Minecraft event, spanning approximately 9 months of continuous operation. The story of this server and my involvement in it from start to end is next to unbelievable, with baffling decisions, blatant cheating, and player interactions that defy any rational thought. By breaking only torches and beds, the entire server and the playerbase around it is plunged into chaos. Armed with a hacked client, I wreak havoc unto the event, eventually becoming an integral part of the server, and the storyline developed around it. The players and organizers hold on to any control they have, and expose their inner selves through the game and actions. Inner thoughts are revealed, and the true psychology of game obsession is explored. This tale is not just a crazy story with weird characters, these are real people. Please treat everyone in this video with respect – do not seek them out or attempt to contact them. If you know of anyone who seems similar to the players or people within this, please show them this video and offer them help. Video game addiction can be solved.

I hope this video helps.

music used (in order)

haircuts for men – Brinks Mat robbery
haircuts for men – 空き家
haircuts for men – obsession
christtt – link rot (from christtt @ MIDWESTHETIC: SEASON OF THE GLITCH 10​/​6​/​23 (Video Mix))
haircuts for men – 海辺の傷
b o d y l i n e – w a t e r d r o p s
haircuts for men – she’s whispering
haircuts for men – in the
esprit – cruiser
haircuts for men – (unknown titled song from “There are people you will never see again”)
father2006 – reflection (slowed)
t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 – アンドロメダ – 二
No Death & father2006 – Frost

christtt – jimmy


  1. Haha all the people in the comments have no idea what Kemono Friends is or who any of the people in the video are lol.

  2. Well edited video that pairs well enough with Christtt's work. But not only is the griefing kinda shitty; I don't see why some VTuber minecraft fans deserve to be painted this way. I'm not finishing the video because I don't see your intended message saving it.

  3. 53 minutes.
    Probably a few hundred hours to edit those minutes and gather footage.

    All for the purpose of pointlessly, obsessively griefing a minecraft server to an obscenely unhealthy degree.

    The bit about video game addiction and obsession feels incredibly hollow and hypocritical considering the content proceeding it. The way you seem to take pleasure in inconveniencing others and go out of your way to thoroughly do so is something I sincerely recommend you get checked.

  4. Honestly what you did is not justifiable it was people having fun and you decided to ruin it then say your “saving” them

  5. found this vid from christtt's recent upload, keep it up 😉

  6. Correction: I made a pretty big mistake. So at 4:23 I describe the events that were occurring in September – as noted by the timestamp on the screenshot. In the same section at 4:48 through 4:59 , I talk about the playerbase drop that happened in July, as evidenced by the screenshot. There wasn't a playerbase drop in September – and I additionally neglected to state that the playercount recovered up to about 10-20 players on at peak hours on its own (recovery happened in August). The server was not dead in any way when I started to grief. I initially set out to make a fun video about griefing. I started becoming less enthusiastic about griefing when I realized they were actually becoming addicted. I decided from then on that I would take all the negativity I generated with the griefs and at least try to make something positive out of it.The addiction study was not tacked on at the end to try to validate my actions. I know what I did was wrong. I tried to take the outcome of the actions and make something positive from them, as I can't live with hurting people for no reason. I am not above them, I am not a hero for doing this, nor do I consider myself to be a hero. I went from villain to anti-villain when I realized that something was wrong.I hope you all can understand my purpose in making this video.

  7. props for using GNOME :3 I am a KDE gue hehe

  8. Damn, this video hits like a bullet to the head

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