How to watch full NBA games live free (no downloads) -

How to watch full NBA games live free (no downloads)

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Link for nba live online


  1. Thanks. Screw all the haters talking smack. Works for me.

  2. hey thanks! but sometimes when I click it something always says warning please call this

  3. thnks but does this work on iPads?

  4. want me to download video player

  5. Thnx soo much and its not lagging.

  6. says no download but it makes me download somthing

  7. Thanks for the info! Does this website still work? None of the x's seem to close windows anymore. You can hear the game but can't seem to watch it.

  8. Thanks for all the feedback guys! This video is getting a lot of love, thinking about making an update video because there are so many questions in the comments, basically I will just go over it in a bit more detail, what do you guys think?

  9. Cant watch. Some ads come up and tells me to create an account. I cant x them

  10. i cant proceed to the video, it acquires me to sign up and asking to download something

  11. do you have to register??…because it's telling me to

  12. this video is pointless tbh this was a waste of your time you can watch the games on TV .

  13. can't seem to do this on a android phone

  14. I remember when isaiah Thomas was on the suns hahahaha

  15. where I live, live nba matches are from 3 am till 5 am… is there a way to watch them after there're done

  16. kind of left out you have to long on to watch it O.O

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