How To Watch Downloaded Movies Online with GF/BF/Friends For Free Using Discord | Watch Party by DDY -

How To Watch Downloaded Movies Online with GF/BF/Friends For Free Using Discord | Watch Party by DDY

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You guys asked and its here. Watching content has kept my sanity and enjoying it with your loved ones has been crucial in helping keep my sanity in this garbage year of 2020.

This video is a tutorial to use discord for watching downloaded movies online with gf/bf/friends/family.

I have used Zoom and Google Meet to stream movies with friends online but its simply doesnt work. People on the other side cannot possibly watch the movie with the lag. But with discord now you can stream movies at 720p and with crystal clear audio while still being able to talk while the movie is on. Its almost like you are sitting in a theater.

The host only needs a computer everybody else can join the server from the discord mobile app.

Let me know in the comments if you get stuck.

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  1. Bro but how to chat while sharing the screen?

  2. How to streem for a phone make a video on it

  3. Internal audio is not hearable to the audience. How can i fix it? 🙂

  4. How can we watch movie together on mobile phones with friends using headphones please tell

  5. Video links are interchanged with title in the discription…

  6. Audio kaise thik kare I mean audio ek device me aa raha he dusre me nahi aa raha Jo movie dekh raha he

  7. Whenever I minimize the discord it shows stream paused swap to resume plss tell what to do ?

  8. system requirements for this set up please 🙁 i have low pc specs

  9. Can we hear sound also and our friend also can here sound

  10. Bhai live jaate hi apne aap live band hori h please help

  11. Bro phone me ye video ka option kaha h plz bolna

  12. Apne to discord intstall kiya hai tooo dost ko bhi karna pade gaa ki nai

  13. If I share the screen, will sound also come from it?

  14. it's not showing me to choose quality for stream

  15. Agar youtube me kisi ka video mein mere friend ke sath dekha to copyright dega kya?

  16. I want to watch with mute option on. Is there anything for that???

  17. actually for the audio problem to be fixed…. instead of streaming the entire screen if we just share the application screen then audio works fine,thanks for the video!!

  18. What if i just want to voice chat while watching a movie with a friend, video chats make me nervous 🥶 please reply.

  19. will no one talk about freddie in the wallpaper??

  20. Aagar mene earphones lagayee ho toh meere friend ko bhi flime me audio jayee ge

  21. Bro mkko srf mobile ki screen share krni h to??

  22. screen to show hoti hai but sound ni ati
    any soluton?

  23. Ye phone p chalega ki sirf laptop or pc p

  24. Yrr bhai isme voice nhi aa rhi mere frnd ko screen sharing ki

  25. if the discord audio is connected then the rest of the audio is disconnected… how can we solve the issue

  26. Siraf screen Jaa Rahi hai aawaz nahi Jaa Rahi samne vale koo

  27. hum to nalle he hame kuch nehi aati app badam chabao hum enjoy kre

  28. Bro…it work on mobile?
    Can i watch movie with my gf on mob. ? With use of discord

  29. How to watch mx player series with online friends?

  30. ****Check FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) for Common Errors *****

    Pehle toh sorry work is keeping me busy toh comments ka reply thoda slow hai. So here is an FAQ comment where i will mention all the common queries and resolve them for all.

    Why is the video age restricted?
    Youtube for some reason put it under the age restriction. I dont see any abuses or stuff thats 18+ and i cant appeal it. Its really restricting my reach of this video too. But cant help it. I sucked it up so you do too. 😀

    I streamer cant hear audio from the movie played, why?
    Check your output audio device is same as the one that you are listening into. In windows its on the right bottom has a small speaker sign. Discord changes that settings.

    The other person cant hear me or my movies audio, why?
    Discord plays with you sound settings, you need to try this:

    Since a few of you couldnt figure this out ——> Here are the exact steps:

    –> Right-click the sound tab in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

    –> Select the "Open Sound Settings" option
    –> Once inside this tab, you should see a drop-down menu under the title "Choose Your Output Device"

    –> Select the drop-down menu and make sure the headphones you are using are selected as primary
    –> Follow the same process for "Input" device

    –> Once both of these are correctly set, restart Discord and hopefully, this should solve your problem.

    Can i use a mobile phone?
    No you cant stream through your mobile phone for that you need a computer. Everybody else watching it can be on phones or tabs too. Just use the discord phone app.

    Will this app display streamers screen notifications to everyone?
    If you share the whole screen then yes. If you don't want that to happen then while sharing select the specific tab and not whole window while sharing. So anything out of the window won't be streamed.

    I dont have a computer how to stream and watch on mobile phone?

    Check out another video on my channel its about how to stream using just a phone.

    More audio related suggestions here:

    FAQ Update 3: 04/05/2021
    FAQ Update 2: 30/04/2021
    FAQ Update 1 : 02/04/2021

    Like this comment to stay posted about more FAQs

    Drop your questions will keep updating this FAQ.

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