How to use Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on Steam Games (No Downloads or Purchases) -

How to use Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on Steam Games (No Downloads or Purchases)

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  1. Uh. I don't have the register option whenever I click my controller. If it helps I'm using the joy-con charging controller so if that isn't working, please tell me.

  2. So do you actually need a Bluetooth connection device or does it just work with the pc/ laptop itself if it supports Bluetooth

    And if someone knows Does this work with xenoverse 2?

  3. You like Splatoon and GD. You're a really good boy, I like you xD
    Thanks for the tutorial. :3

  4. THANKS, now I cannot Naruto ultimate ninja storm 4

  5. Thanks for the help. In case anyone is wondering, I've gotten this to work for Dark Souls 1 and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime :p

  6. Worked like a charm, thanks for the tutorial 😀

  7. I always wondered what the Steam Big Picture was for


  8. Yea. It only works with Wired Controllers, Pro Controllers, and Single Joy-Cons

  9. Who will be trying this setup for Dragonball FighterZ?

  10. Yay now i dont have to buy that stupid steam controler

  11. I was about to give up and download an emulator

  12. i did this and for some reason now my right stick acts as my mouse, and it sticks to the side of the screen on my pc unless i turn off generic controller configuration support. help!

  13. you liar you said no purchases but you need to buy a bluetooth adapter to do this

  14. Only thing that sucks is rumble doesn't work 🙁

  15. I did this with 2 controllers for Cuphead, but one of the controllers has like a 0.3s delay. It doesn't have this problem when playing switch games. Any advice on how to fix this?

  16. Hey man, great video. Do you think you can make a video explaining how to do this with the JoyCons? I'm having a hard time trying to configure those

  17. I did all the steps, but it doesn’t work with Sonic Adventure 2.

  18. its not letting me rebine my pro controller help?

  19. *if your pc has bluetooth in it or you already own bluetooth dongle

  20. I recommend connecting the controller with the cable it came with do u can use the motion controller vibration and for less lag input

  21. Will I still be able to hook it back up to my Switch?

  22. Thank you so much! You are truly amazing!

  23. It says searching for a device for .25 seconds, and says no devices could be found, or something along those lines.

  24. I just want it to work with terraria and minecfart

  25. Yo just put on the setting to activate the switch pro, itll automatically work

  26. the left stick of mine is inverted. whenever i go up it goes down, i press down it goes up but the left and right directions are fine. what am i doing wrong and how can i fix this ?

  27. Didn't work even though I followed every direction

  28. I prefer using a Xbox 360 Elite Slim, Plug and Play.

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