How To Turn Your Minecraft: Java Edition Singleplayer World Into A Multiplayer Server For Free -

How To Turn Your Minecraft: Java Edition Singleplayer World Into A Multiplayer Server For Free

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How To Turn Your Minecraft: Java Edition Singleplayer World Into An Online Multiplayer Server For Free

In this video I show you how you can turn your Minecraft: Java Edition Singleplayer World into an Online Multiplayer Server. You will be able to continue where you left off in your private Singleplayer world gameplay without losing any progress and invite your friends to join your server to enjoy the world with you in an online multiplayer environment. With a Multiplayer server you are in full control of your server and can give yourself operator (op), set your own game rules, install mods and much much more.

Download The Minecraft: Java Edition Server

Steps To Transfer your Singleplayer Save To A Multiplayer Server:
1. Open your Minecraft: Java Edition Client
2. Once on the Main Menu, left click on “Singleplayer” and note the name of the world you would like to turn into a multiplayer server
3. Once you got the name of your world head back to the Main Menu and left click on “Options”.
4. Left click on ‘Resource Packs” and select ” Open Pack Folder”.
5. You should now be in a folder called resourcepacks. Select the .minecraft folder.
6. In the .minecraft folder select the saves folder.
7. In the saves folder locate the Minecraft singleplayer world you would like to turn into a multiplayer online server.
8. Copy that Singleplayer worlds folder and place it on your desktop. (In this video demonstration the world I chose was named “Websplaining”)
9. Move the contents within that folder into a new folder called “worlds”.
10. Next, download The Minecraft: Java Edition Server by navigating to the following address
11 Once the server.jar has been downloaded move it into the same folder as the “world” folder but not inside the “world” folder.
12. Next create a new text document in the same location as “world” and “server.jar” and call it “minecraft server start command”
13. Include the below command within your text document which will later by your Batch (.bat) file:

java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar server.jar nogui

You can increase the RAM of your server by changing the Xmx and Xms values within the command. eg. 2GB RAM = Xmx2048M -Xms2048M and 3GB RAM = Xmx3072M -Xms3072M. Make sure you have enough RAM on your device running the server prior to increasing the RAM!

14. For that text document, go to “file”, “save as” and then add “.bat” to the file name and left click on “save”
15. A .batch file should then be generated with the same name as the minecraft server start command text document. You can now delete the text document but make sure you keep the .bat file.
16. Double click on the batch file to start your server (your server wont start immediately)
17. Files will then be generated, open the eula text document and change the text which says “eula=false” to “eula=true”.

[Note] For Minecraft version 1.19.4 and above, you now require Java 17 or above to run the Minecraft server.jar file. Your Minecraft server files will not generate if you do not have Java 17 or above installed on your computer. Follow this video on how to install the Java Standard Edition Development Kit If that doesn’t work you should follow this video

18. Once this is done save the eula file to save the change.
19. Rerun your batch file and your server will begin starting and a cmd terminal window will open.
20. Once your server has fully started you should see a line of text which says “Done” in the cmd terminal window. Do not close your cmd terminal window. If you do your Minecraft server will stop. If you want a server that runs 24/7 with a 100% uptime guarantee then check out my video here
21.Open up your Minecraft: Java Edition client and select Multiplayer.
22. Left click on Add Server or Direct Connection and in the Server Address type “0” or “localhost” for you to connect to your own server. For your friends, they will need to connect to your server through your IP address.

– You can give yourself op by typing the below command into the cmd terminal window once your server has started:
op yourusernamehere

– You can stop your server by typing (in cmd):

-You can start your server again after stopping it by double clicking on your .bat file

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