How to transfer your games and saved data from PS4 to PS5 -

How to transfer your games and saved data from PS4 to PS5

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You can also start this process from the PS5 main menu: go to Settings – System – System Software – Data Transfer – Continue. No need to do it with 2 TVs, you can just switch the TV input on 1 TV. The cable I used is called “Ethernet” cable, also commonly known as “Lan” cable.

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  1. Yes but if tha games are from disk can you still do it?

  2. This PS5 is so damn technical and just a little technical for me but for the most part it’s not bad 👍🏿

  3. Thanks so much for this video I didn't know how to do this before coming across this video

  4. but I transferred my data but now on my ps5 i barely have any storage

  5. It asked me to download one of my games before i even did the transfer . Does this mean its already transfered ?

  6. My data transfer says 27 hours should I leave my consoles running and my tv running

  7. I know this but upgrading your ps4 version of the game to ps5 you lose all your saves

  8. What if I need to set up the transfer at my parents house?? As long as the PS4 has been used there many times will that be ok???

  9. Do you know how I can get my old games if my ps4 is broken?

  10. Does it transfer your capture gallery as well or just games and account info?

  11. What if you didnt see the saved data option on the tutorial can you still do it after?

  12. is there any way to transfer the saved data if you don’t have your ps4

  13. I have done the same process but unfortunately the fifa 22 doesn't show on my new ps5.all the rest games they are anything wrong about fifa doesn't work from tranafer data?can i do it again ?thanks

  14. there's an issue that I desperately want fixed by anyone out there please! So what it is, Is that I transferred the data from my ps4 and a game that I play (its called dying light) I had a game save on it and it's gone as if I didn't transfer the data but it says that it's all been transferred and i really don't know how to fix it, but I'm so desperate I've spent over 76 hours on it and I really really really want it back! If anyone could help me please do I'm desperate for help!! 😭

  15. My internet connection was interrupted during the data transfer.. looks like most of the profile info has transferred but I know the whole process didnt finish correctly.. how do I start the process again?

  16. Can i put my p5 in rest mode once the ps4 is still transfering data?

  17. My entire GTA5 online stuff is on the system storage of my PS4 but all of the saved story mode stuff is on the online storage. I will put my GTA disk into my PS5 and it will get to a certain point every time I have tried to download it stops downloading and the time left goes up until eventually it reaches 99+ hours and then I am given a pop up saying can’t install. Anything helps

  18. Great video but i have a question: When you put a ps4 disc in the ps5 and let it copy the data will my gta progress still exist or will it just disapear and i have to start all over again?

  19. Hi i have saved dât in my console storage but i cant play my saved game. anyone knows whats wrong??

  20. Okay I got a question if anyone can answer I play apex right I have a ps4 and want to buy a ps5 well my save data on apex like skins and heirlooms and badges move on the ps5 with the saved progress?

  21. Guys I’m freaking out idk what tf to do I just got a 5 and I have an extended storage I put that on the 5 and I played a game and it saying I have to start a new game can you data transfer with the extended storage

  22. Ok I have ps5 and my brother game shared 2k22 from his ps5 when I get the ps5 version of nba 2k22 will my data be saved ?

  23. Am I the only one who thinks that the ps4 home screen looks cooler and more efficient. Also the ps5 looks like the ps3 software lol

  24. My PS 5 detects my ps 4 and displays its name. I press the power button on the PS 4 and like in the video it goes into restating. Meanwhile on the PS 5 it just sits there with the timer counting down to 0 . I never get the "please wait" on the PS 5. Any ideas? Did you pause the video after the ps 4 went into restarting or did the ps 5 just jump to "please wait" and begin the transfer before the count down finished?
    BTW. Using wired connection on both.

  25. I have a question, if I have a PS3 that has the same game as the PS4, and I link my account to it, will it automatically transfer my saved data about that specific game in a different version?

  26. Okay so one problem I have is I THOUGHT i did all of this: plugged in my Terabyte card and everything (before it started “transferring”) which is weird because i Never Remember going through a transfer process… Some games I have saved (the ones that say PS4), but for example, my fortnite has NOTHING. It’s like I never played. Logged into my epic account and still nothing.. it’s so weird. Can someone help?

  27. Does the game data transfer too? I just got one and I need answers

  28. Do I have to upload data to cloud storage?

  29. …Text ➡️ LITBUY_SHOP Via insta…. says:

    All thanks I got my playstation5 console delivered, I’m so happy it came through he’s the best ….

  30. …Text ➡️ LITBUY_SHOP Via insta…. says:

    All thanks I got my playstation5 console delivered, I’m so happy it came through he’s the best ….

  31. …Text ➡️ LITBUY_SHOP Via insta…. says:

    All thanks I got my playstation5 console delivered, I’m so happy it came through he’s the best ….

  32. So if I do this I can play all my ps4 games on my ps5 seen as none of them work and it's making me pay full price for all my games back

  33. I have a question could you go to your Purchases on the ps5 and DL your games that way was well?

  34. If you transfer the ps4 version can you play the ps5 version and the still have your data

  35. Are you sure the LAN cable plugs directly into both consoles ( one into the other ) or are they both supposed to be plugged into the modem?

  36. What if ur playstation four just died can I download them from account onto a external drive

  37. Do you have to have both the consoles to be able to do it?

  38. Can’t you just install the games from the library through the PS4 account

  39. 👆👆👆🏼👆यदि आपको सहायता चाहिए तो उपरोक्त नाम बहुत प्रासंगिक है?

  40. Is it possible to download ps4 games that you have already to re-download on the ps5?

  41. I bought a PS5 since my PS4 finally bit the dust after 6 years (May it Rest Mode In Peace my dearest friend) so I’m gonna assume I’m kinda fucked in terms of trying to transfer data

  42. Doesn’t work for me when I transferred all my data to my ps5 and started dark souls 3 my data still isn’t transferred and when I start the application on my ps4 everything is there I am so close to finishing the game I don’t wanna start all over again on my ps5

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