How to Softmod Your Original Xbox with a USB Drive - Rocky5 Xbox Softmodding Tool Setup & Extras! -

How to Softmod Your Original Xbox with a USB Drive – Rocky5 Xbox Softmodding Tool Setup & Extras!

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Softmod installations for the original Xbox have improved yet again thanks to updates to the Xbox Softmodding Tool now paired with ENDGAME! This modification will not only allow you to preserve your Xbox (allowing you to remove the clock capacitor, backup sensitive files, etc.) but will also unlock access to a whirlwind of upgrades. Some common upgrades being: larger hard drives, emulation, playing your games from the hard drive, custom Dashboards, and much more.

This tutorial will walk through the process of setting up a USB flash drive or Memory Unit for the original Xbox, transferring over the required files, how to launch the softmod installer, and install the softmod. The last steps will also cover EEPROM backup, application installation, and restoring the original Dashboard for further compatibility with Insignia and more.

Did you softmod your Xbox with something such as SID? Upgrade your current setup to Xbox Softmodding Tool with this tutorial!

Want to upgrade your hard drive after following this? Tutorial here!

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.



0:00 – Introduction
1:23 – Prerequisites
2:33 – Downloads
4:45 – Hardware Needed
7:36 – Option 1: USB Drive Setup
12:50 – Option 2: Memory Unit Setup
16:03 – Softmod Process
18:22 – Cleaning USB or Memory Unit Storage
18:47 – Skins & Screen Calibration
19:44 – Backing Up EEPROM
22:10 – Using the Extras Disc for Additional Installs
29:04 – Outro


Hardware Used! (Affiliate Links)

Original Xbox Console:
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Xbox to USB Cable:
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512 MB Flash Drive:
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Original Xbox Memory Unit:
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Audio & Video Hardware I Use:
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Xbox Softmodding Tool:


WinSCP FTP Client:



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  1. I see a new intro! And nice refresh on this softmod/tutorial. Btw, it would be cool if you would make a x360 squirt dual nand tutorial 🙂 i think you can do it

  2. I use a USB 2.0 micro SD card adapter and either a 2gb or 4gb micro SD card with the gameshark USB adapter for OG Xbox

  3. Huge moment for the og Xbox modding scene. I hope this leads to a flurry of newcomers now that it's even more accessible. Bring on the Xbox renaissance!

  4. Like the intro! Thanks for being on top of the modding scene!

  5. Another banger video. Great job covering all the minutiae of subject while keeping it engaging.

  6. using the Windows Disk Management tool to create a 512 mb partition on a usb and then make whatever space that you have leftover to be unallocated

  7. I got lucky finding a 4gb usb that worked and it was the last of at least 20 I tried

  8. yet another quality original Xbox tutorial, I find it fascinating that this machine is still being tinkered with after all this time, I have have softmodded and hard modded dozens of these fantastic consoles and this just makes it so much easier 👍👍

  9. I wish there was a way to hack your Xbox 360 without soldering. Lets hope one day that will happen. 🫡

  10. So nice to not need to rely on having access to a working DVD drive for this now. Seems like over half of the consoles I save from the wild can’t read any discs at all anymore, and some of those that can sound like they are just barely hanging in there!
    Much love ❤ See you on Xbox live with insignia!

  11. Thanks again for the excellent rundown

  12. Hi only have one question so I don’t need to update my dashboard ? Before I soft mode

  13. Holy crap this is a game changer for softmodding an Xbox!
    No more having to look for a Splinter Cell disc to softmod your console! Its all done from the dashboard now!

  14. Time to put eeprom reader to rest, and update my knowlege on xbox softmodding 🙂
    If you are cheap like me, you can make usb cable from dead controller and female usb (look for usb externsion cables).
    As for usb drives, i only had luck with usb 1 drives (1 or 2gb, can't remeber), couldn't find less than 4gb usb 2.0 (didn't work).

  15. Finally!
    You forgot to make the EEPROM only 1s if I remember is more safest than just have the backup so you and other people that not have the EEPROM backup can change the hard drive easy.

  16. I just got an og Xbox from a thriftstore, the timing is insane!

  17. How long is it supposed to take on the black screen with the red ring?

  18. I saw a tutorial that used an IDE adapter to do the modding (edit files on the HDD) instead of a USB adapter. Would love to see that as I can’t even find USB adapters where I live, and I also have an old, IDE-compatible PC laying around.

  19. Thank you for the awesome video is everything I needed

  20. Dude this'll bring everyone to og Xbox

  21. So I have an old evox install I believe. It’s been over 10 years so I’m foggy on it. But I softmodded way back with splinter cell.

    Should I do something before using this or will it accept a pre existing softmod and update it?

  22. Now that we finally got an easy softmod for original xboxs…next…..360….we need to find away to mod those without the RGH having to constantly reset the xbox to go into RGH..we need a better safer, longer reliable way to keep 360s running while modded

  23. I have the Action Replay memory card adapter. Anyone got the drivers to use it as a USB flash drive?

  24. Wow! This is a big game changer. I can't tell you how many people I've talked to over the years who didn't want to mod their Xboxs because the process was "too much".

    Let's see them complain now lol

  25. With dying lasers this is cool solution

  26. Thank you!! Can’t believe theres finally a way like this

  27. Have ALWAYS used Total Commander for for ALL FILE Handling & Built In FTP Transfer.Simplest & BEST! Used it for YEARS!

  28. I can connect to the flagship service, with these instructions.???

  29. this is awesome!! i wish my og xbox wasnt dead because if this was around sooner it probably wouldnt be dead at all, mine died cuz a solder point literally came off during the mod chip instal, i got my dad to try out putting the chip in for me because im not experienced in soldering and once that pad fell off it basically died 🙁 if this was out around then id for sure have a modded xbox lol

  30. Damn, I remember using two xbox consoles and doing the hard drive swap method lol.
    This is great.

  31. Bit of a niche thing, but I'd love to see a video showing off what things you'd recommend doing to or getting on your Xbox after you mod it. I've had a modded Xbox for about a year now and I tend to feel overwhelmed when I look.

  32. Another Great vid! Have a 1.6 OG Xbox with a failed softmod haven't looked at it in forever. Any recommendations to get it back up and running?

  33. After the horror of learning how to hotswap, this is unreal to see! Good luck to all new modders, and welcome to the family!

  34. last month I rushed out to the game store to buy a 2nd copy of mechassult because my copy of splinter cell and mechassult were at my parents house, and I needed to softmod a couple of xbox's. if only I waited a month, lol. This is such an amazing development with Endgame

  35. ngl guys, this is the exact type of exploit i was waiting for to convince me to buy an og xbox. big ups to Mr Mario for the vid and big ups to the devs for the exploit

  36. Can you set it up to boot into the retail dashboard?

  37. Is it possible using endgame exploit to skip whole softmodding process and go straight to stop flashing?

  38. Excelent tutorial mrmario. Will try this on the weekend💪

  39. Thanks Mr Mario for bringing light on the obscure XBOX modding scene 🙂

  40. Are there any real benifits to installing a modchip these days over this and the new Cerbios softmod ?

  41. Awesome. I have 3 more to do but was having trouble with the game save data route. Thanks mario

  42. Can you do the softmod without using FatXPlorer ?

  43. mine bricked it seems, it never came back on or boots

  44. Thank you for including the memory unit method! This is my second softmod install and did not know you could ftp to memory cards

  45. This is what we've been waiting for 20+ years 👏

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