How to Setup Insignia on a Stock Original Xbox - Xbox Live 1.0 Replacement - No Game Disc Required! -

How to Setup Insignia on a Stock Original Xbox – Xbox Live 1.0 Replacement – No Game Disc Required!

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Insignia is a free replacement for the original Xbox Live 1.0 service designed to work with original Xbox consoles. This video is specific to stock/unmodified original Xbox owners looking to connect to Insignia by registering their consoles, signing up on the Insignia site, and setting up a fully working account. The last one there being quite important as there’s a few extra steps to take in Gamertag creation.

This video has been updated from the previous Stock console setup as this uses the ENDGAME entrypoint for launching the Insignia Setup Assistant as opposed to using a game. There’s no longer a need to look for a specific copy of Splinter Cell, MechAssault, Agent Under Fire, or newer titles such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4. Make sure you have a working storage device, a method of transferring files to it, and you’re ready to get online! Experience the magic of retro gaming with zx spectrum games console online! With a massive library of classic games, you’ll never run out of new challenges to conquer. From iconic titles like Dizzy and Sabre Wulf to hidden gems waiting to be discovered, there’s something for every type of gamer.

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This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.



0:00 – Introduction
2:42 – Prerequisites
7:50 – Downloads
9:24 – USB Game Save Setup
13:46 – Memory Unit Setup
15:55 – Network Settings for Insignia
17:26 – Console Registration
19:52 – Account Registration
25:57 – Removing Insignia Setup Assistant Saves
27:13 – Outro


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  1. just logged into Halo2 Insignia today!! Thanks @mrmario2011!!

  2. the serial number has already been taken…

  3. Will I need one of this Xbox internet adapters?

  4. Xbox is coming tommorow (last one bricked) hyped to get this up

  5. Was able to use this guide to setup Insignia on my Xbox a few hours ago and played my first ever online game of original Halo 2 multiplayer. Thanks for the guide!

  6. I wish this service worked on my 360 for halo 2

  7. Thanks this was super helpful. Can I unplug the USB or do I have to leave it in?

  8. Can I use any computer for this? Like a chrome book for example?

  9. This seems way more complicated than I thought it would be

  10. How long does the floating green orb stay on the screen before it goes to the black screen and then to the insignia screen ? It’s been about 20 minutes for me already

  11. Thank god you put out another video on this. I have been trying to get this done over a month. Failed every attempt. I will try again today! Wish me luck guys for someone who completely sucks at this.

  12. Had issues utilizing the OG memory unit, but figured it out! Thank you for the reminder tutorial! I had done this last year with Xemu but never with a stock box.

  13. Maybe I misunderstood but you cant get Insignia working on a soft mod xbox? It has to be a stock version?

  14. As someone who is gonna be brand new to doing tech stuff like this, this seems incredibly frightening as I fear one slip up will completely destroy my Xbox console or my already weak PC, but my love for Xbox 2 OG servers returning is heavily pushing me to go for it. Once I get a small USB flash drive this weekend, I'll start this. Hoping I get it done properly 🤞

  15. Can I use the OG memory unit with the stock Xbox?

  16. what would be the benefits of softmodding then getting insignia vs just doing insignia stock like this video. I should be picking up an xbox tomorrow and I am torn on which route I want to go.

  17. What happens if you remove your usb from the console when everything’s connected?

  18. I hope the xbox 360 gets the same treatment after the official server goes offline

  19. Just managed to get my hand on an Xecuter 3 OG Xbox for mega cheap, can’t wait to set it up with insignia 👍🏽

  20. Thank you for the new tutorial. I’ve been trying to connect to insignia since the first batch of invites. I had trouble getting fatx to launch. It must’ve been the new 3.0 update.

  21. Great video will be online as soon as Halo 2 works

  22. As soon as I pickup an original Xbox I will do this ! So glad this came for stock hardware. I was so sad when I realized when I got an original Xbox I wouldn’t be able to play halo 2 online anymore. Not now ! Wooo

  23. This is great! Eliminates the need to softmod anything! I wonder if this will make getting Insignia up and running on an Xbox 360 any easier.

  24. I'm not sure if I have to register my xbox with the Insignia assistant setup for every new update with added games with Xbox Live capabilities

  25. Joining up this weekend, finally have the ability to hook this up

  26. Knew this video would come out when I saw the chat on the endgame replacement the other day 🙂 very very cool

  27. I had better luck with a 512mb flash drive, for some reason my 1gb’s didn’t work

  28. Nobody really plays online but I do with a freind. More people join up please.

  29. I really need to get to work on this later. So many gems I missed-out on back in the day since I grew up with a Gamecube and PS2. Doesn't this work on Xemu too?

  30. Me here waiting patiently for ftp support so I can soft mod my dvd dead Japanese consoles

  31. According the github page Endgame supports all dashboard revisions. You shouldn't need to update to 5960.

  32. I just happen to have a spare unmodded Xbox kicking around, nice!

  33. You are a legend man! Cant wait to try this had to order a few old usb drives just for this 100% worth it

  34. Thanks for doing these videos. I recently got into modding and followed your tutorials with Rocky5. I've since gone onto painting and adding a 140mm fan on the top by cutting a hole, this improves the temps a lot. always below 50C. Got a WD blue 250gb SSD with loads of games and I even worked out how to hard wire in a USB port on the front directly to the mobo by using the controller port wires. It means I can use the Brooks Wingman and play using my PS4 controller. I've had a lot of creative fun with this old console. Thanks again!

  35. Very random question & please don’t make fun of me but does this work on Windows 7? 😅😅

  36. Have a unmodded Crystal XBox I may try this on. Thanks again Mario!

  37. WTF? I was just thinking of trying Insignia yesterday then you posted this. THANK YOU!

  38. Endgame is the new tool to go with 🙂
    Are you going to do a Endgame tutorial on flashing Cerbios on a OG Xbox in Soft/TSOP/chip/upgrade ??

  39. can you use this exploit to potentially softmod the box? my drive is destroyed.

  40. Going to be helping a few new folks getting online with Insignia for original Xbox, and this is the perfect gateway. Much appreciated putting this well crafted video tutorial!

  41. This is really cool. It'd be even cooler if we could get that save exploit chained with a soft mod like rocky 5 instead of having to do the hot swap or other methods. The hot swap thing was a pain.

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