How to Record Your Screen With INTERNAL AUDIO on Mac (FREE) -

How to Record Your Screen With INTERNAL AUDIO on Mac (FREE)

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In this video Nolan from Think Media shows you how to record your screen on mac with the internal audio using quicktime. This mac screen recording workflow is great for YouTube videos and webinars. This way of screen recording will also enable you to hear the audio from the computer.

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  1. OMG YOU SAVED MY LIFE. Gonna use this for online classes 😰

  2. can you record a zoom call in this with internal audio while headsets on?

  3. Hi! thanks for the video!, question: How do you record your face with the screen? is it possible with quicktime ?

  4. quicktime intentionally distort voice when recording facetime or whatsapp videos thanks copyright nazi apple guys i can not recor my talks with son for future :(.

  5. Great video, had to modify a bit for my respective inputs/outputs but you covered the concept really well. Thank you for this great video!

  6. no voice recording facetime or whatsapp or zoom rediclus law and forcing by apple
    you can save your family lol
    go with free software like VLC

  7. how to fix this pls help me, if i record it it doesnt record the calls it only records the music plsssss heelppp meeee

  8. I'm lost, where do you go to get the Blackhole link?

  9. Unable to download Blackhole, does this not work on 9 year-old Mac Books?

  10. Thank you for this video, saves tremendous amount of time and money to borrow audio from your speaker 😉

  11. Thanks so much for the help, this is a great tutorial,

  12. I had the built-in microphone option and it worked fine. Now, I only have the Macbook Pro Microphone option and it records any sound that I make when I just want it to record what is playing on the computer. Anyone have this happen recently or have any ideas on how to fix the issue? Thanks

  13. Hey there, thanks for the tutorial very helpful. Does anyone know how to record the screen with internal auto WITHOUT the external audio playing? While recording I am not able to manage the volume of the external audio it seems.

  14. When I record like you said, the QT file is wayyy to loud and over modulated. How can I fix this?

  15. I get a yellow triangle w/exclamation mark when I try to record.

  16. Your method records all the internal sound from my mac BUT the zoom meeting. Is there any solution to this? I would like to record the meeting WITHOUT recording my voice (built-in microphone)

  17. bro u almost have 2m subs

  18. Now, the recording contains the audio from YouTube but not from me. So how can we have both the audio? Use case: We want to record our meetings, presentations, etc., with audio from everyone, including ourselves.

  19. Hey, i followed these instructions to a T, and my quick time player still wont record audio, know any possible reason for this?

  20. This messed up my computer. Now I don't have any sound when I switch it back to internal speakers nor can I find a way to delete the app – after following every tutorial I can find. Very frustrating.

  21. i did the same thing but the background of my place with recode screen in same time so
    my Q is how ami going to just recode my vdo with screen sound? not main background sounds
    pls i need vdo of that :(((((

  22. how do you screen record audio
    without using iMac mic
    I need help

  23. Thanks for this. However, there is no
    "built in output appearing. Built in mic is also not showing anywhere. Help please

  24. I don't show built-in output. my only choices are macbook pro speakers and blackhole 16ch. What am I missing?

  25. Why doesn't mine have "Built-in output"? Can I use speakers instead?


  27. hey uhh I have a problem if I try to record it just stops after like 2 seconds and I know he said that I dont have enough space for it and if that's the case how do I fix it so I can record again?

  28. This was an absolutely helpful video, thank you. For those of you that try to record Zoom meetings with audio, it works but you need to also change the Audio Settings on Zoom screen. (It's at the bottom left corner)

  29. It didn't work for me T~T maybe because I don't have the "built in player output", when choosing audio device, I only had "macbook air speakers" and the blackhole 16ch. Still a great video though!

  30. Sometimes I have issues because there's a noise on the video that don't let me listen to anything

  31. Extremly helpful thank you so much keep doing free stuff man

  32. working like magic! just make sure u download Blackhole ch16!

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