How to Record Webcam and Screen at the Same Time (NO DOWNLOAD) -

How to Record Webcam and Screen at the Same Time (NO DOWNLOAD)

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In this video, I show you how to record webcam and screen at the same time without having to download any 3rd party software.

With Veed’s webcam and screen recording tool, you have multiple options. You can screen record online, record webcam online, or you can do both simultaneously with various layouts.

Screen Record with Webcam –

00:00 Intro
00:20 How to Pick a Layout
01:15 How to Start Recording
01:42 How You can Edit, Download or Re-record
02:30 How to Edit Your Video using Veed Online Editor
03:40 How to Change the Canvas Size of Your Video
04:15 How to Download Your Video
Record Screen and Webcam –

Have fun! 🙂

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  1. Why does it have be a circle, I need it to look just like his tutorial with a small webcam square. Why would you have this recorded with something not available in the software? Lol

  2. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  4. at first i luved it now I HATE IT IM CANT DO A REC AND ITS UR FAULT OW CAUSE I DONT WANT TO FLIM A VIDEO ok now i know to click lol idk how to rec more than once now im stupid sorry for being mad

  5. Well its a bit hard because the share button it doesn't work and closes the app

  6. i need the split screen but i cant find it

  7. Thanks for this video. This is exactly what I needed for my YouTube videos. So far I've done screen only but now I can add my face! Thanks!

  8. XxMangoMyFaveFruitxX Gaming | (CLICK "About") says:

    sorry, now it works

  9. hey i dont need live recording !!!
    i just need to know how your camera recording is appearing on your screen recording !!!
    not only him can anyone who know this
    can u please reply ??

  10. Thank you for this video but it is very glitchy

  11. Can I download the videos on MP4 to be able to edit it on other software like inshot?

  12. i can not dounnload bc i might break my loptop

  13. soo good
    now i don't need my five minute limit on my other recorder

  14. thanks for the video its like canva vs adobe,, simple and clear

  15. Why do I only have one layout option for webcam and no splitscreen 1 or 2? is that a more expensive version?

  16. is it possible to record the screen with veed without microphone?

  17. Does it allow to change the web camera background?

  18. no download means can hack your acct.

  19. Is there any time limit on the length of the recording?

  20. ok so i tried it i thought if i play game it will not work but it this and its amazing i have been finding a app to use for filmimg on pc

  21. wow that was amazing i want to record my screen for a read-aloud assignment I am a student and I will sub

  22. This was great thanks for the video. I'll put this to good use

  23. It's kinda record on the cloud… I'm kinda a privacy freak :))

  24. Great video, quick question…Your video is being dowloaded on/by Veed; does Veed have rights to copies of what you're recording??

  25. I does not work. You have to upgrade to a paid expensive plan, and then, maybe It will work.

  26. this is so great! 😀 but whenever i try to screenrecord a rblx video my game lags.. not sure if its bc im recording but yeah.

  27. Hey, I just started using Veed, but I don't have all the layout options that you are showing here…. It seems that if I choose the Screen & Webcam option, the size and placement of the webcam is set and I don't have the option of chosing to have the webcam on the lower right side or do the split screen that you showed in this video. So how do I get these options?

  28. Holy Crap! All that for free?!? Unbelievable. Thank you so much for this video! 😀🎹🎶

  29. How to trim of the middle without trimming the sides?

  30. Bruh my recording stops everytime I switch tabs

  31. its not as good as it looks, you need to pay, and its only for little amouts of time dont recomend too much

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