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  1. I needed this for the fortnite kid that I gave a free kill and he danced on me

  2. i have a question like for real tho does this cost money or if u use your internet wifi does the bill go up?

  3. How do you know if thats the ip like How do i se it or find it

  4. does it show there username with the ip
    also this doesn't give you any viruses or anything

  5. I'm confused is the source there ip or is it the destination?

  6. Tbh I don't care if its a crime, this is the perfect way to win an argument and make you opponent delete all of their comments out of sheer fear.

  7. Someone made a fake account trying impersonate me and scam people is there a way I can pull their ip and find out who did itv

  8. when trying to pull ips in a mw lobby my game crashes to desktop can anybody help

  9. omg you help me to shutdown my victim wifi adn computure now he has new one ehhe

  10. I’m not tracking the persons ip I’m tracking data centers kinda useless

  11. im confused as to know which IP is their Ip cuz like i saw a lot of numbers

  12. Got my ip pulled in rec room, couldn't give less of a shit

  13. you deserve sub for straight to the point video

  14. how do you know its there ip and not someone else

  15. yo it doesnt show my internet or sum in the capture

  16. Bro if i open tiktok and look up an account would i get their ip?

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