How To Play VALORANT Without Downloading -

How To Play VALORANT Without Downloading

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Hi Guys, This Lionix PlayZO And Welcome To The Brand.
In This Video, I’m Gonna Show You How To Play VALORANT Without Downloading The GAME…

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  1. Hey! An English veiwer here.I really want to play valorant without using my data but I dont know the language he is speaking.Could someone reply to me in english stating how to play valorant without download

  2. bhai rito games nahi riot games hai plz meri favo game hai naam na kharab karr

  3. i have gt 940 mx i get 120 fps in 1920×1080 in low settings why your game is lagging so much

  4. Does valo support in asus vivobook 15 plzz tell 😭

  5. Bro can u help me my any friend doesn't have valorant and i doesn't have WiFi so my i downloaded valorant by there Website and i downloaded its 150-180 something then its showing me update 7.9 gb thats is very big for me i got 2 gb data everyday so i thought i will pause it and resume next day but its starts from 0 again and if i buy extra net then will i get any another update means i searched on google its size is 16gb so pls any solution

  6. this sucks i try to get the valorant from him but it did not work good thing my uncle and dad is good at tech on downloading pc and pc design my pc design is soooo cool

  7. Bhai mere paas wifi bhi hai lekin jab mene valo download kiya to wo practice rnge ki loading par hi stuck hogya and i tried reinstalling vanguard even the whole game 3 times but still it stucks my specs are i3 4gb ram but jab me pehle khelta tha tab me khel pata tha same laptop but now not

  8. Mobile pe kya hoga? Agar na hoga to pls ek video bando 'How to download Valorant in Mobile'. Pls

  9. waw viry epik teknik bro. viry maast vedio thorohly enjoiyed the vedio.

  10. Bro will this consume space pls pls tell bro i am your subscribers!

  11. Bro its Riot games not ritu games🤣🤣🤣

  12. Bhai jab update kya install krne ke baad v update krna pdta h kua

  13. can you make one about how to download on samsung chromcbook please that is when i will subscribe

  14. Broo it's not working for me 😟
    It's stuck on updating

  15. Rito games kya hain? LOL Riot games hota hain .

  16. can you provide the file link in g drive cause i dont have friends 🙂

  17. bro my pc specs i3-540 3.07 ghz intel hd graphics but it shows me dx11 error even tho i have latest windows update + updated graphics driver + dx12

  18. is there a way i can download valorant without being an administrator

  19. Hello, I sent a request for the google drive. Please accept it. Thank You!

  20. I downloaded Just Cause 2 which is like 5gb , from mobile data and it took like 3-4 days to download

  21. I don't have ritu (riot)account 🤣🤣
    sorry but appreciated 👍👍 thanks

  22. Can we play multiplayer by using this way

  23. Bro i don't have wifi so how much mobile data does valo use of we connect our internet from phone to pc ?? Pls answer

  24. bro my valorant stuck in 0.1kb

  25. Hi the drive link dosen't work can I have it?
    can u send the drive link again? Thx so much

  26. can i play valorant in ryzen 3 3200g and 8gb ram??

  27. Maine jio se watch dogs 2 download kiya hai😂

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