How to play Roblox VR *NO PC OR WIRES* META QUEST 2! Ultimate guide! -

How to play Roblox VR *NO PC OR WIRES* META QUEST 2! Ultimate guide!

VR Lad
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This is EVERY WAY you can play Roblox VR on the Meta Quest 2! You wont need another Roblox video after this!

PC Tutorial 1:07
No Wires Tutorial 2:02
No PC or Wire Tutorial 3:20

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You wont need another Roblox VR video after watching this video where ill be sharing with you Tutorials like

How to play ROBLOX VR on the Quest WITH a PC!

How to play Roblox VR on the quest 2 wirelessly!

HOW to play Roblox on the Quest 2 WITHOUT a PC!

and ill be asking the question – Is Roblox coming to the quest natively?

All of this in one huge video!!

Plutosphere link –


Controller Grips –

Elite strap –

Link cable –

facial interface –
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  1. no pc or wires yet you still need those.

  2. Okay, anyone else notice how in the title it say “NO PC OR WIRES” and then he uses it?

  3. buy tokens NOOOOO NOW YOUVE DONE IT Y O U W O N T L I K E D O C W H E N H E S A N G R Y

  4. I can’t find unknown sources help me Vr lad

  5. I dont know why but i did quest link and connect but when i try to play roblox it doesnt turn into vr

  6. when i try to play with no wire i launch roblox but it wont put me in vr

  7. I tried this out but it didn’t work because the Oculus App thing I could find nor download 😢 but atleast Roblox is releasing on the Oculus Store soon 😅

  8. “ how to play roblox on the vr with NO PC OR WIRES” 3 times * says you need a pc/laptop *

  9. Dose it work with a samsung laptop?

  10. none of these videos work i use air link open roblox and instead of it being as vr i instead am still a regular roblox player not a vr player

  11. full on update: roblox released its beta on the app lab, you need a 13+ account

  12. Him how to play roblox on vr without pc or wire also him u need pc or laptop in a link cable

  13. I DONT use meta i use oculus rift

  14. thanks man i really enjoy playing roblox vr!

  15. When I try to use the quest link I have a black screen

  16. Title says no pc first instruction, get on your pc……

  17. I clicked fast before my dad left

  18. I dont understand i been begging for a phone for years and a get a vr headset thats more expensive?

  19. I’m on iPad and I looked up Pluto sphere and it did not show up

  20. When I heard plu I put thumbs down because IT SUCKS


  22. On the second in the room it’s like destroyed I’m lagging so much this doesn’t help a bit🤬

  23. Bro said no pc or wires and still said we need pc and a link wire

  24. so basically i wasted my money on the oculus wire

  25. thanks for showing me
    i don't have a pc or cable so i did just with my quest 2

  26. Technically this is still using a pc since it’s playing on the pc

  27. I don’t have any of that what do I do

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