How to play NCAA 14 College Football Revamped on your PC in 2023 -

How to play NCAA 14 College Football Revamped on your PC in 2023

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Hey guys! Thanks for watching, please let me know if you’d like a tutorial for something or have any questions about this one. See ya next time!



Vimms –

PS3 Software –

College Football Revamped Mod:



  1. Under my renderer it says OpenGL and under that where it says graphics device it won’t let me select anything it just says no need for OpenGL renderer. This is in the configuration.

  2. so the only way i can play this game is if i buy win runner?

  3. i get an encryption password to open game file how do i get a password

  4. I try to drag the file into the emulator and nothing happens? Using the Add Game feature and selecting the folder doesnt work as well

  5. I have been having trouble with downloading the PS3 system software and no matter what I do I can't get it to work.

  6. Says the link is expired 🤦🏼‍♂️

  7. i do not understand how to install the mod i wish u explained it.

  8. It wont let me drag and drop the game files into the emulator? Any ideas what im doing wrong??? Been trying to get this since it came out and have never found a video that works, this one was soo thorough i know we all appreciate it. Help me out though please???

  9. Easiest tutorial of this Ive seen, Good work 🙏

  10. may be a little late but when i load the game it stays on the Loding and never loads any help?

  11. Yo, my rpcs3 crashes every time i try to install the ps3 firmware, do you know what the problem that is occurring is

  12. I need help Ive done this a couple times over on my pc but i recently had to get my pc wiped and ive had to do it all over again but the problem im having is that 1. nothing is "revamped" except tyhe rosters. I have regular ncaa 14 logos playe models everything except rosters. and 2. I have the black field glitch.

  13. Having issues with the game double selecting options and moving really fast across any select screen

  14. do you need to own ncaa football 14 first

  15. when i dragged the files to rpsc3 it deleted the game and only left me with the revamped game, when i open the revamped game its normal ncaa but has the updated rosters. any idea how to fix this?

  16. my controller automatticaly connects to steam, how do i stop that? it wont let me click buttons on ncaa

  17. whenever i load the game up the screen is just black

  18. When i load the game it loads the base game instead of CFB revamped even tho the logo changes

  19. This is the best tutorial, thank you so much!

  20. When I boot up my game it just loads a black screen, do you know how to fix it?

  21. When I installed it, all it does is launch the base game. Not the Mod for some reason.

  22. extremely thorough video and easy to follow. 5th video i tried to learn how to download it and this was the best by far. thanks man.

  23. How do I stop the game from crashing and being so laggy?

  24. When in try to run the game it only shows a black screen

  25. Hey, mines not working properly do you have discord and maybe we could call and you could run me through it or i could just post it underneath this if you want but for some odd reason no matter what i try mine won't start

  26. For the ps3 software it still wont let me download it

  27. when i launch the game i am stuck on the licensing screen how do i fix this?

  28. I’m on a hp laptop I got four cores and my fps is at 5 is their anything I can do to make it faster?

  29. My client gets stuck on loading screen of NCAA does anyone know why? The very first screen with EA sports and all of the rights and everything

  30. thanks for this man ill see you on golf with your friends bro

  31. I can't get passed the all rights reserved screen. No clue. I have a 3060 so i dont understand why its doing this

  32. so i downloaded the game from the website in the description but it wont let me drag the folder NCAA Football 14 to the RPCS3 what other methods are there for it to get on there. You mentioned that’s the first time you’ve tried without going another path i think i need to do that. how do i?

  33. I cant seem to figure out where the "PS3 Update" folder comes from. Is it directly from the Rar file? Or is it added upon dragging the Revamped file into RPCS3? Nonetheless, I cant seem to have it populate.

  34. Wow, never modded or emulated successfully until this, great video. Having tons of issues with the shaders tho

  35. mine just can’t maintain, i’m running on a i5 6400 cpu is that enough for a smooth running game?

  36. I'm stuck at the loading screen with all of the credits, how do I fix this? I've followed every step of the tutorial

  37. when I try to extract the NCAA files it says I need a password?

  38. I load the game and everything works right, neither one of my controllers will work tho. I’ve played before so idk why it doesn’t work. Any tips?

  39. Great Video, very clear instructions. But my question is, everytime i open rpcs3 it tells me an update is available, does it matter if i update or not?

  40. i download ncaa 14 from your link and now my 7zip is asking for a password

  41. When I download the game off the link in the description and put it and the mod into rpcs3 and the game loads but the mod doesn’t change anything in the game

  42. When i download the CFBR easy installer, it doesnt download like the PS3 update Pup, it downloads a zip file and then my system says unable to parse the following archives. Anyone else having this problem??

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