How to play Minecraft survival test (in browser) -

How to play Minecraft survival test (in browser)

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first song(clounds by waterfalme)

last song(dark dreams by waterflame)

A tutorial on how to install and play the old survival test on


  1. This Computer say "this sight cant be reached"

  2. Its not in your browser if you have to download something

    (The comment section and the video!)

  4. guys don't try this, it doesn't work anymore

  5. it doesnt open when i press a key it closes and nothing happens

  6. 'Now, just delete everything in your Minecraft folder except for the 'versions' folder'. Yeah, like I'll ever do that

  7. Tiene un Windows vista >:(alguien sabe hablar español?)

  8. usless… i am stuck on a stup*d winzip screen

    btw im on windows 7

  9. in this days microsoft took over minecraft

  10. Ur from sweden i thought you were from dutch or germany.

  11. japecuswoketokesomkembopertuyoukohowGchjfvdghdbcjd says:

    not for windows 10

  12. The title: Play in browser
    Meanwhile the description: Download link

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