How to Play Minecraft on Your Chromebook! [2020 GUIDE] -

How to Play Minecraft on Your Chromebook! [2020 GUIDE]

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Although Minecraft has an app in the Play Store, you’ve probably noticed you can’t download and install it on your Chromebook. Thankfully, with Linux support on Chrome OS, we have a workaround.

Linux support page:


Check out the full link on!

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  1. Is there a way you don't have to pay for java? I paid already on multiple devices so I don't know why I am not allowed to play the real game without paying…it says I can only play the demo.

  2. it doesnt work for me, it says an error has occurd

  3. yay i dont play craftsman then play minecraft 🙂 !!!!!!

  4. Hi when playing minecraft I have a problem that my mouse can’t turn all the way around do you know how to fix this thabks

  5. Tysm for showing me this but it shows that i have to pay for it. Is it meant to be like that?

  6. "Chrome colon backslash backslash flags" – those are forward slashes my dude. You can tell because they lean forward. / = forward slash, = backslash

  7. E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg –configure -a' to correct the problem.??????/

  8. cant even click the ''turn on'' its literallythere but i cant click

  9. i cant turn on linux because my administer controls it

  10. This is great and all but when I turned on Linux, my chromebook would crash within 30 seconds of me being logged in. Kinda bummed out. Also Minecraft education edition isnt that different. All that is different is that it's 1.14 and you have to have a microsoft school account like I do. They also took out the end portal in survial. Nothing wrong with redstone and I think they might add 1.17 when the first part comes out because copper has a lot to do with chemical reactions and stuff related to education. All that I am saying is that minecraft education edition isnt that bad. If you DO go to a school that gives you a Microsoft account and you have a chromebook, your in luck.

  11. question: how much ram processor cores and processor speed (GHz) it needs???

  12. this does not work on a school chromebook OS cause the school blocked the linux beta

  13. it is saying 'The file you are trying to download is no longer available'

  14. it didnt work for me it said it couldnt install some things any help?

  15. AAAA. thanks for making this but i havent gotten linus working yet becaus eyou didnt put the crouton thing in the description yet! Please help me out.

  16. mine has a black screen with code writing my email/penguin and nothing is launching :/

  17. it doesn 't work i tried everythin but nothin worked

  18. Sadly its not working for me as it says error while installing

  19. mine says error while installing does that mean i cant install it

  20. My Minecraft launcher doesn’t want to open why?

  21. I cant figure this out so I just play Minecraft Educaton instead.

  22. its just a demo you have to pay for it!!! sad face lol

  23. thanks i can play minecraft since roblox is down still waiting for it to load the minecraft game lol

  24. Bro It doesn't work I tried with my chromebook and It doesn't open it sucks

  25. hello I currently have a problem when I open the launcher minecraft, it closes instantlythank you

  26. i know how to get it but when i download the file its say minecraft launcher but it does not allow me to open it

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