How to play Minecraft on Quest 2 (FULL GUIDE) -

How to play Minecraft on Quest 2 (FULL GUIDE)

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How to play Minecraft on oculus quest 2 Wireless, link, oculus, java, bedrock, no pc.
In this video, I show you every way to play Minecraft VR on the Oculus quest 2.





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  1. Would a regular usb-c to usb work instead a link cable?

  2. Can you do a tutorial of how to do it on MacBook

  3. it keeps saying that that the virtual desktop is 20 dlrs
    and i try from the oculus and from the app and still says that please help i do want to play minecraft in oculus

  4. I can't get minecraft to show up when I search for it in the store.

  5. ? Why do this you have a VR ready PC just play on your pc

  6. ? Why do this you have a VR ready PC just play on your pc

  7. i have minecraft installed and the pc link cable but i cant find minecraft in the oculus store to start it. someone pls help if you can

  8. Hi how can i play minecraft education edition in oculus? Thanx

  9. if you see this plz respond as soon as u can but when i launch everything it just says "next up javaw"

  10. Well, i dont have a vr ready pc so looks like im gonna overclock the shi out of my gtx750ti

  11. this thing was detected as a virus on my pc

  12. Doesn’t work for me as Minecraft doesn’t show in oculus store on pc . Is it because of region or smth ??

  13. Im trying to do this but when I go to steam vr it shows a little box that says plug headset in and the cord is plugged into my pc and my headset and nothing..not sure if its my cord or what but it's not connecting at all

  14. Honestly I'm quite experienced with PC's but vr still took me a coupl days to figure how to get it twork and connect and everything. It's definitely not nube friendly, if you wanna connect it to your PC. VR has literally single handedly reinvigorated my love for games. Can't wait to get this setup tomorrow after work. Thanks man.

  15. i dont get it
    ive watched multiple videos about it and ive done everything right but it still wont launch in vr i really dont understand whats wrong

  16. I don’t see Minecraft on the oculus store. Why?

  17. how you download minecraft on the oculus software cant find it while searching

  18. I tried both steamvr and the oculus app link and neither work when my quest 2 is plugged in it just says for me to plug it in

  19. This is why I stopped using my VR headset. VR has been out for 9 years now and all we get is Mindcraft VR and a bunch of garbage games ( Except for a very very small few ) ? Once Facebook bought Oculus it was a wrap, the good Vr industry died and the crappy games was born….The good news is, 4 years ago I got fed up with the lack of good VR games and decided to pick up the guitar. The fact that someone choose a guitar over VR games in this day and age speaks volume about the VR industry…..Best move I ever made, now most of my free time goes to learning the guitar……

  20. No pc, all you need is an oculus and a pc.

  21. It kills my pc I checked steam vr and it said it was ready but I heard it go bzzzzzzz!

  22. Every YouTuber says you don't need a PC
    But you do😂


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