How to play Minecraft on Quest 2 (FULL GUIDE) -

How to play Minecraft on Quest 2 (FULL GUIDE)

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How to play Minecraft on oculus quest 2 Wireless, link, oculus, java, bedrock, no pc.
In this video, I show you every way to play Minecraft VR on the Oculus quest 2.





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  1. I did not help at all I still can’t figure it out

  2. Thank you so much I've been looking so hard to find a way to play wirelessly without lag and to play minecraft on quest 2 wirelessly.

  3. You said no PC and after that you said you need a pc

  4. all steps require a computer.. or require money… i feel scammed

  5. when i load vivecraft on my pc to play it doesnt show up on the oculus only on my pc any fix?

  6. didnt the virtual destop go with the rift s it has always been there when i got a rift s and when i airlinked my quest 2

  7. Would you be able to air link to your oculus for vivecraft instead of using the link cable

  8. 3:06 Minecraft doesn't exist on the oculus store. What are you talking about, not for me atleast.

  9. Bro stfu
    Saying “no pc” and then “you need a vet ready pc”

  10. I'm doing something wrong, but how do I open the vivecraft installer? I'm dumb…

  11. with wireless it said error for me when i launced vivecraft

  12. how tf do I launch vive craft all I have is, is the installer

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