How to play Minecraft on Quest 2 (FULL GUIDE) -

How to play Minecraft on Quest 2 (FULL GUIDE)

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How to play Minecraft on oculus quest 2 Wireless, link, oculus, java, bedrock, no pc.
In this video, I show you every way to play Minecraft VR on the Oculus quest 2.





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  1. That's just like saying you're giving us our favorite food for free but then saying that you have to pay taxes for it

  2. This video depicts Minecraft on the Oculus store, but I can't find it on the Oculus store.

  3. Is it possible to play Minecraft without any computers at all And just the headset? Without having to download anything except for the application on the headset?

  4. There is no Minecraft when i search for it.
    I have been trying to get minecraft oculus for becrock for over 3 hours now and have found nothing

  5. No pc needed five seconds later: you need a pc

  6. Hi Uhm I don’t have a pc and I’m on bedrock can I do anything could I hook it up to my uh tv or somthing.? 🤔

  7. You literally just said no PC so you’re a liar I can tell because I literally knew that you was lying you literally said “no PC”

  8. I cant find the minecraft app on the oculus store


    What if I only have a laptop

  10. I clicked donload and nothing gappened

  11. I did not help at all I still can’t figure it out

  12. Thank you so much I've been looking so hard to find a way to play wirelessly without lag and to play minecraft on quest 2 wirelessly.

  13. You said no PC and after that you said you need a pc

  14. all steps require a computer.. or require money… i feel scammed

  15. when i load vivecraft on my pc to play it doesnt show up on the oculus only on my pc any fix?

  16. didnt the virtual destop go with the rift s it has always been there when i got a rift s and when i airlinked my quest 2

  17. Would you be able to air link to your oculus for vivecraft instead of using the link cable

  18. 3:06 Minecraft doesn't exist on the oculus store. What are you talking about, not for me atleast.

  19. Bro stfu
    Saying “no pc” and then “you need a vet ready pc”

  20. I'm doing something wrong, but how do I open the vivecraft installer? I'm dumb…

  21. with wireless it said error for me when i launced vivecraft

  22. how tf do I launch vive craft all I have is, is the installer

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