How To Play FORTNITE On GOOGLE CHROME! (Google Stadia Unveil - Play Any Game on Any Device) -

How To Play FORTNITE On GOOGLE CHROME! (Google Stadia Unveil – Play Any Game on Any Device)

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In today’s video, I talk about the revolutionary new service coming from Google about their new platform called Stadia, the “Netflix for gaming.”

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  1. Child: Why can’t we play Fortnite on the school computer?

    Teacher: The reason is, the computer is a google chrome computer and Fortnite probably only allows hardware.


    Peech: “Am I a joke to you?”

  2. The problem being that Fortnite isn't on Stadia in the first place. People think it wont happen because they didn't want to go through the trouble of putting Fortnite mobile on Google Play Store, but it could happen. They were able to put on Borderlands 3 so Fortnite could happen, though I guess we'll just have to see what happens in the future

  3. Little does he know how big of a flop stadia becomes

  4. Thy only thing that makes me sad its that it still isn't Available in my Country😭😭

  5. Why is every1 saying they'll get it at school when you have to pay for it

  6. Man your videos are so epic and cool

  7. subbed with post nitifs on not for shout out or vbucks just cos ur underated and this video helped thx g keep grinding

  8. Do you guys want more fortnite content? Let me know what content you want IM BACK!!

  9. I really wanna play fortnite, and i don't have PC and Windows, so i really wanna know, is there a way to play fortnite on mobile android, also i subs

  10. This video is 1 year ago but this channel diserve more than 1Million sub

  11. stuff google stadia they said this is not avalable in this country

  12. He diny even show how to play fornite on google chrome

    Oh im not a fan

  13. Is it real tho

    I just want to be sure

  14. Cheater you didn't told any thing just show us

  15. POV:ur watching this bcoz ur parent has taken ur console but still have ur pc😂😂

  16. It seems very likely that this guy is going far
    And he just earned himself a subscriber

  17. You did not show us how to play footnote on google chrome …

  18. Save I have a potato wifi when I download a 7mb app it took me 8 hours help meeee this happens everyday now it's been 2 years now help

  19. how u play fortnite in stadia? they not have it

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