How to play Fortnite Mouse & Keyboard on XCloud (FREE) -

How to play Fortnite Mouse & Keyboard on XCloud (FREE)

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Today I will be showing you how to play Fortnite with Mouse and Keyboard on XCloud (FREE). This is a very easy method and I will guide you through every step of the process. Fortnite is now free via Xbox Cloud Gaming and doesnt require a subscription to play at all! Do note that this method is for PC only.


  1. Can u help me so I can change my keybinds or make a video?

  2. Is there a software like this where you can use a switch pro controller? Tried reWASD but u have to pay for that after 7 days

  3. no way of enabling this with the xbox windows store app? Because i can't launch games from their xbox cloud gaming site…

  4. Thanks but it is very hard for the right setting for the keys

  5. How do i get this extension on firefox?

  6. DownBeatGaming • 50.0B views • 420 seconds ago says:

    I did everything but it’s still on controller settings like what the fuck I don’t even have a controller

  7. Why does it say it's available in these regions and when I check it's available here and says u need money the pass bruh.

  8. It doesnot say "a controller is not connected" on my screen and it still isnt working for me 🙁

  9. I can’t I don’t have extensions how do I get then

  10. bro nothing pops up when u click on it nd i cant play with MndK like yall r dng can u help me?

  11. my cursor is not showing in the game and I can't click nothing

  12. Thanks man this help a lot for when i forget my controller

  13. Thanks bro so much i thought it was only mobile I'm subscribing I basically owe I gotta be loyal so loyal

  14. hey pls can you answer me does it work for 32bit or windows 7 pls answer pls

  15. hi whenever i do this it makes my mouse vanish so i cant see it and i dont know what to do. can u help?

  16. thank you so much this was so helpful

  17. can you send the link please because google and microsoft store hates me

  18. I tried this and for some reason it's not letting me use my mouse

  19. how can u make it so the xbox buttons dont show up but the pc ones do

  20. after I press sign in is loading something and I wait for hours for nothing..

  21. Installed it, good, but I can't look up with my mouse. Only left, right and down. Any tips?

  22. How to do it on keyboard and mouse on mobile? Bruh

  23. If i go in on fortnite can i play it wich my account settings or i have to go in i keyboard and mouse and Select buttons to control

  24. Thank you so much have a wonderful day♥️

  25. Bro my network error and controllers needed showing when I start the game

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