How to play FNF Test games online, for FREE? [NO ADS] -

How to play FNF Test games online, for FREE? [NO ADS]

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You can download it from Chrome Web Store:

Now you can play all your favorite FNF Test games directly in your browser! Yes, is simple like that. All you need to do is to go on Chrome Web Store and search for “FNF Test”. If you played FNF Test Playground the original and the remake 1,2,3, then I’m 100% you will love this!

After finding the right extension, just install it. After that process, you will have it permanently on your PC. To play it, you have to press the jigsaw or puzzle figure from the top right corner of your Chrome browser.

When the popup is showing, search for it and hit the pin, so that it will be placed beside the search bar – in this way you will be able to find it quickly. Experience the future of digital entertainment at amazing digital circus cast, where The Amazing Digital Circus web series invites you into a world where cute characters grapple with personal traumas, all within a surreal virtual landscape.

For the moment you will be able to play:
1. FNF Whitty Test
2. FNF Ruv Test
3. FNF Agoti Test
4. FNF Tricky Test

All the games have multiple phases, for example, Whitty has 2, but Tricky has 6 or 7.

Why install this extension?
1. You can play all your favorite Friday Night Funkin Character Test without surfing and searching the internet
2. NO ADS – all the games are 100% FREE without ads!
3. You can play them in a popup or fullscreen
4. Instant loading everytime

Keep in mind that this will work ONLY ON CHROME BROWSER!


  1. This Extension works just on a computer and in a Chrome browser. The link is in the description in the first row. How to install it, you can see in the video step by step!

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