How To Play Club Penguin In 2023 [No Flash Player or Download] -

How To Play Club Penguin In 2023 [No Flash Player or Download]

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How To Play Club Penguin In 2023
Step 1: Sign up at
Step 2: Make a username and password
Step 3: Activate your account
Step 4: Start playing

In this video I am going to show you how to play club penguin in 2023. This private server does not require any flash extension or download so it is super simple to start playing. If you are looking for some club penguin nostolgia, this has some aspects of new club penguin and old club penguin. I hope this video is helpful in helping you decide what private server you want.


  1. Why did nobody tell me you can play this??????????????

  2. Private server alright I play clubpenguin Legacy

  3. Oh boy,Why Disney not make an animated series of club penguin or put and character in Disney infinity or Mirrorverse?

  4. Dang you uploaded? I’ve been waiting on this for a while, maybe i missed some

  5. I love that club penguin will always come back no matter what happens, I do miss club penguin rewritten though. Nice to see you making videos again too

  6. its a fucking crime that club penguin was killed by disney

  7. What is you're best private server to play on besides this?

  8. You should definitely play Cp Legacy it's waaay better

  9. You should make your own private server I'll play it.

  10. Quick question 🤔 how did they make it that you get free membership 🤔

  11. Have you played Club penguin 🐧 chapter 2?

  12. lets just hope that it dont shut down that wud kinda suck

  13. yeah my CP keeps on Crashing on me

  14. I dropped MyPenguin after learning about Legacy, something just doesn’t sit right with me about MyCP. Maybe CPO left a bad taste of AS3 in my mouth.

  15. CPPS are powered by a server emulator. what is a server emulator = A server emulator is an unofficial on-premises server that imitates the behavior of the official online server, even though its internal working might be different. be careful using private servers due to them not being safe

  16. What an unexpected but very welcomed comeback… I can't wait for the new content, you're the GOAT man!

    Just out of curiosity, what made you choose MyCP over NewCP? I've been playing this one for the last couple of weeks, (after CPO shut down the year before,) and I really love not only the dedicated playerbase and staff team like you said, but also them consistently staying as true to the original Club Penguin experience as possible.

    I found CPR to be too stuck in the past with too much pre 2012 CP content and didn't like the excessive custom content straying from vanilla CP. From a first glance this MyCP seems to have a similar issue, with an inconsistency to the timeline of some rooms being a mix of older / newer ones, like a newer town but older Coffee Shop interior. Also, there seems to be some unnecessary custom content like the Iceberg as we just saw.

    What would you think about giving NewCP a try too, if you haven't yet of course? But either way I'm really looking forward to watching your new uploads man, keep up the great videos! 😍

  17. There’s also Club Penguin Legacy. I play it, it’s very good. It uses AS2, my personal favorite era. I think it’s a good replacement for CPR after it closed.

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  19. Do you know of any PS that are like virtual penguin without all the sabotage

  20. why is it still set in halloween? and for some reason no ones every on it its always just me

  21. That club Penguin is trash nothing like Rewritten and the OG .

  22. I love playing New Club Penguin! Say hi if you see me! I am Platy07

  23. CPLegacy And MyCP
    The Same Things

  24. Tried this one out, and honestly I don’t prefer it to NewCP or Legacy. I don’t even have to try to get what I want

  25. For me, it says "incorrect password" and if I click the Question Mark Button, which I assume could be the Forgot Password Button, IT JUST DOESN'T DO ANYTHING IT'S BEING USELESS

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