How to play 32-Bit / Unsupported Steam Games on Mac OS Catalina | Easiest Method -

How to play 32-Bit / Unsupported Steam Games on Mac OS Catalina | Easiest Method

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I’ve seen a bunch of really convoluted tutorials on how to run unsupported / 32-bit Steam games on MacOS Catalina, and even lots of posts saying it’s not possible and you should install Windows via Bootcamp.

So I made this quick video to show how easy it is to get these older games running on MacOS Catalina. There’s really nothing to it.

Link to download PlayOnMac.

Piece of code to disable Steam’s built-in browser. (copy without quotations)
” wine steam.exe -no-browser +open steam://open/minigameslist ”

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  1. Hello, I’ve done everything but when i open steam it doesn’t say anything it is just the background so i can’t access

  2. wait so you can play any game on mac as if youre on windows?

  3. Just went through the tutorial on my Macbook Pro mid-2014 running Big-Sur. All OK until running Steam after it updates and all I get is a blank dark-grey Steam window…can anyone help? Thanks…

  4. Getting this error "The steam browser is disabled because 'no-browser" was specified on steam command line.

  5. whenever i launch steam from playonmac, it just opens a dark blue window that i cant do anything with. it is titled wine32on64-preloader and i have not logged in yet. any fix's to this?

  6. The "Steam" window is coming up completely black. No tabs, no anything–just an empty black window.

  7. I tried this today, on my macbook Macos catalina 10.15.7, but when I open it, the whole screen gets black.. not only the browser part, so I can't log in into steam. 
    When I try it with the code it gives an error message.

    Is there anything I can do about that?

  8. The steam browser is disabled because "-no-browser" was specified on the steam command line. Help pleas, I don't know Mac that well, Iam a Windows fan:)

  9. i get "the steam browser is disabled because no-browser was specified on the steam command line"

  10. Thank you very much, I'm using it for the fifth time now…<3

  11. it says "32bits wine version are no longer available. We are going to use the system wine version instead" help.

  12. When I open the login, it’s just blank, the only thing on it is the X to close it. What should I do?

  13. I'm at timestamp 6:02 in the video and an empty black window popped up instead of the steam login page. Not sure what to do from here

  14. I'm seeing people struggling with the login portion (6:02) but there's a solution left by an account called George Woods and if you scroll down a bit you can find it. Make sure to like it so it shows up on top comments!

  15. actually, lemme just copy+paste the comment i found on Reddit, so for anyone struggling with 6:02:

    On the PlayOnMac interface, go on ‘Configure'

    Under the ‘General’ tab, add the in the text field next to ‘Arguments’ the following:
    "wine steam.exe -no-browser +open steam://open/minigameslist -noreactlogin"
    (it will appear as small mode, now i know it's gonna look a bit weird for new users, and i've tried making it big using "open/largegameslist" but that just makes the library blank so don't try that :')
    Then open Steam
    hope this helps

  16. when it takes me to the login screen is only shows a black screen.

  17. Anyone else tried running left 4 dead 2 and once the loading screen for mission's is done, the app force quits entirely?

  18. alr im VERY LATE, but i need your help URGENTLY, when i open the wine steam, it just shows a black screen

  19. i updated it not thinking that it would change anything but now I can't access it can someone help me with this it just says no browser was specified on the steam command line

  20. steam browser is disabled because "no-browser" was specified on the steam command line
    How to fix this

  21. Still its unsupported left 4 dead

  22. Not working on Ventura… Steam starts with a black screen.

  23. Is there a way to go to the game files through that and mod your game?

  24. Still have my Mac on Mojave, and I'm hella scared to update it. I've been avoiding the software update for probably 2 years now but I'm afraid I will have to update my Mac at some point. Will be saving this video in case I won't have other choices in the future

  25. Hey Hey guys, I found the solution in the comments below – so I didn't come up with this – but I have a touchdown!! It worked and worked in my case! So happy – civilisation IV BTS, here I come!!

    follow this:

    For those that are struggling with a black/grey screen with login and are unable to see their game library.

    "wine steam.exe -no-browser +open steam://open/minigameslist -noreactlogin" use this in the arguments box in the configure window.

    For the library, my games are only visible when I change my view to small mode. Large mode and big picture mode do not work.

  26. Hey, thank you for instructions. Really appreciate it! However, after following all your instructions, i can't log in to steam. Only black screen. Thank you

  27. Hey thank you for the tutorial, I have a problem tho. When I installed steam, it wont let me log in. It's just a black screen with a little x in the top right corner. Can anyone help?

  28. This doesn't work in 2022 with lastest Steam update, could you make a video update of it?

  29. Thank you so much, I love how quick and easy it is unlike those stupid people who take 8 years just to tell me it’s impossible!! Thank you!!!

  30. I had a problem while installing: when the registration page for steam opened it was completely gray; so I closed it and configured steam by putting the link in desc, but when I opened steam again it said "the browser was disabled because on the command line of steam was specified -no-browser". Now I don't know what to do. (sorry for my bad English)

  31. It's been a while and I just reinstalled this but now, steam is just giving me a window saying that I have no browser activated. Even if I dont have the code applied, it doesnt appear as if its the same steam app. Any solutions?

  32. Help me please! It doesn’t show the log-in screen, it shows a black screen instead and I cant interact with steam at all :c

  33. Thank you for the video. Tried this instruction with MacOs Ventura. Few things has been changed. Is there any chance on the updated video? =)
    Now Steam only has a black screen unless you've entered the code for disabling browser.
    The mistake it gives you is:
    The Steam browser is disabled because "-no-browser was specitied on the Steam command line.

  34. when it should open the steam log in panel all I see is black. No way I can log into steam. Anyone had that problem?

  35. I'm having a couple of issues here, hope someone can help me..
    After installing steam a "sine32on64-preloader window appears with a black background but nothing happens
    PlayonMac Wizard shows a "Waiting for XQuartz to be installed" window too but nothing happens.
    What can I do??

  36. my steam keeps crashin each time i try to load into a team fortress 2 game

  37. Does anyone know how I could fix the audio of the game? The audio is a bit choppy I could barely understand what it's saying

  38. I have an M1 Mac and am not sure what to select for graphics board memory – as apparently it doesn't have a graphics card? I clicked the highest option (4096) anyway and went ahead. Steam opened as just a blank window and I could not log in. Can anybody help me?

  39. i followed all of the instructions up until i launch steam through playonmac, and the login screen comes up as blank

  40. I have been unable to lead any audio on my launched game, does anyone know how to fix this/ gain access to the properties menu of steam games? I believe the sloution is in those menus

  41. I have a totally blank screen when Steam loads – after copy and pasting the line of code. Any ideas, anyone? Trying to play Jedi Knight II : Jedi Outcast on an OS post 10.5

  42. when the sign in button is there it is plain black it says because i have no browser

  43. when i open steam on it, its just a grey screen with the cross button on the corner. someone please help i wanna play portal ):

  44. What do I do if I open Steam and it just produces a blank window? It doesn't prompt me to log in or anything. I tried the line of code to make it no browser but all I get now are a couple lines, one saying I have the browser turned off and one claiming to link me to a support article, but it's not actually a link even though it looks like one.

  45. The short summary of this video: OS X dropped support for 32-bit games in Catalina (10.15), so use Wine, a free and open-source windows emulator. This video is still useful, I just wanted the summary.

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