How to: Move Valorant to another disk | No downloads | Fast -

How to: Move Valorant to another disk | No downloads | Fast

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Want to move Valorant to another disk, but don’t want to re-download the entire game? Well, there’s a super simple way of doing it that requires only a little effort, but results in a seamless transition. The only change you should notice is the improved load times and possibly FPS if you’re moving it to a faster disk or an SSD for example.

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0:00 – Explanation
0:10 – Checking current drive
0:42 – Locating Settings file
1:40 – Moving game files to another disk
2:23 – Updating settings
4:34 – Playing Valorant
5:02 – Asked to install or locate Valorant? Fix with this!

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Everything in this video is my personal opinion and experience, and should not be considered professional advice. Always do your own research and make sure what you’re doing is safe.


  1. i need some help, You see, Valorant itself is stored into one of my Disks (a 300gb one), However, Vanguard is installed into another Disk (a 40gb one, that is already full) how do i move Vanguard from the 40gb disk to my 300gb one

  2. Hiw to open that vecause i cant hear start that and its opened

  3. this tutorial is really usefull thank you so much! 🙂

  4. I followed everything and it didnt work, and now i have to figure out how to restore everything because i cant even redownload either

  5. perfecty done ,you covered every single step , ty

  6. ilysm, i used to get fps capped at 200, now i get like 500 tytytytyty

  7. Bro can I reset windows please reset after doing this

  8. bro sounds like a professional bartender that makes videos on youtube

  9. I didn't understand What is the benefits to do this ?

  10. you know what, fuck this game. I'm not this desperate to play generic shooting game. If you can't add locate games or move games like Steam or origin or Ubisoft connect. Then screw you and your game.

  11. you are a Genuis – you saved me after i downloaded it over 3 times this week.

  12. this was easy to follow for a stupid kid like me i am so bad at this coding stuff and it still made sense and was easy! tysm

  13. every thing was working until i tried moving the game files to another disk all of the programs I tried didn't let me view the associated client quotes. Can anyone recommend me a program that does.

  14. tried this trick and i had to redownload valorant from 0mb

  15. Easy explanation and its works. Thank you very much sir

  16. ​@Xen im facing some problem, theres an update and i have 84gb of space left, but it keep taking the space from my another disk with no space left, any solution?

  17. hey so i did this and my valornat has been moved. however, when i go to remove apps in the windows settings its still in my e drive. is this ok?

  18. when i go to settings, the system said "error retrievieng setting from server, cant be save the change form the server" any solution?

  19. will this delete all my progress on valorant?

  20. Thank you my guy, I had only copied and pasted thinking it would work like it did with others and I almost had a panic attack but your video saved me from having to re-download the entire game

  21. Thank you so much bro! Finally can save my C drive from overloaded

  22. thanks man i used the same method for league

  23. My problem is that everything is on my larger disk but my valorants updates still go to my full small disc so i csnt download updates

  24. Dude this was a game changer i literally had 400 MB on my C drive and i was about to delete valorant but this saved me

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