How To Mod Gorilla Tag On The Oculus Quest -

How To Mod Gorilla Tag On The Oculus Quest

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Gorilla Tag Mods


I hope you enjoyed today’s video! Hopefully, this was able to help you get those monkey mods. Leave a comment if you have any questions and if you don’t leave a comment telling me which game I should teach you how to mod next! GOWILLA 🦍


► How to turn on dev mode:
► Quest Patcher:
► SideQuest Setup:
► Gorilla Tag Modding Discord:


⌛ Time Stamps ⌛
0:00 Intro
0:33 Disclaimer
1:09 Setup
2:10 Patching Gorilla Tag
4:28 Getting Mods
6:27 Mod Showcase


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  1. For some reason my brain could not operate what you said 😀🤚

  2. It says that it is a unofficial gorilla tag and it doesn't have the mods on it as well

  3. oh yeah btw i did the one that u did cause it was the wrong one now it says java needs to be intalled

  4. it wont show me the files to download the mods to the patcher.

  5. im scared its a scam and my pc is gonna be hacked 🙁

  6. Hey man, my parents wont let me use discord, can you please reply with a direct link to install long arms mod?

  7. WARNING: This douse Not Work in Quest 1 So if you have a quest 1 It wont work

  8. it says invite has expired :{ i cant get mods sadly.

  9. if u read every comment, reply with "tu est un monke"

  10. Hey I have a question can I use windows instead of a pc

  11. im not able to download the mods because it gives me a white folder

  12. Hey Fluffy! So I used this demonstration yesterday and I see you posted this last year and I need a 2022 video because them discord that has mods are outdated and I can't use them.

  13. Can you use your oculus charger or your phone?

  14. I really hope you see this but when I try to install it it always says it needs to be updated by setup and it never works it always has an error

  15. I came on this video excited to finally mod gorilla but as soon as he said you will need a pc and everything after that i came straight off the video

  16. i had it working until the discord deleted all the mods

  17. Can you make a video where you do it through virtual desktop?

  18. i have an question, when i link my vr to my pc it says it doesnt link, can someone help?

  19. i have an question, when i link my vr to my pc it says it doesnt link, can someone help?

  20. i have an question, when i link my vr to my pc it says it doesnt link, can someone help?

  21. I just want to use mods to piss off my friend

  22. It. Sais that my quest isn’t connected but it’s clearly connected

  23. Why are you zoomed in and how do you get to windows thing to download it

  24. Stop lying there is nothing in your discripsion

  25. It doesn’t show the modding log for me, it also says multiple devices are connected but it’s only my oculus

  26. i tried every thing and i wont bring the adb thing up and wont work what do i do because like everything else was fine untill that i do have developer turned on what do i do

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