How To Mod Gorilla Tag On The Oculus Quest -

How To Mod Gorilla Tag On The Oculus Quest

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Gorilla Tag Mods


I hope you enjoyed today’s video! Hopefully, this was able to help you get those monkey mods. Leave a comment if you have any questions and if you don’t leave a comment telling me which game I should teach you how to mod next! GOWILLA 🦍


► How to turn on dev mode:
► Quest Patcher:
► SideQuest Setup:
► Gorilla Tag Modding Discord:


⌛ Time Stamps ⌛
0:00 Intro
0:33 Disclaimer
1:09 Setup
2:10 Patching Gorilla Tag
4:28 Getting Mods
6:27 Mod Showcase


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  1. Do I have to change which version I’m in

  2. It won’t let me access the discord any tips?

  3. i did it but it says on g tag that it cant connect to my oculus acc and it wont let me play in anything

  4. Hey fluffy I am new to the whole modding and I'm trying to use the mods where you can fly and I downloaded monkemodmanager and it says that it cant find gorilla tag.exe if you could please explain

  5. This broke my game it didn’t work and now the game won’t install

  6. where is the place that it says oculus quest part?

  7. wassup man in the github page i think its patched it isnt there anywhere can u help please

  8. so i joined the discord and there is no mods in the area

  9. When you get the mods are you able to take wire out

  10. I've downloaded all of the software necessary, and it works, but the "debugging" thing won't pop up on my oculus even though I have developer mode on. Can anyone help?

  11. Is there a way to do it without buying a cord thingy??

  12. Hi I tried your tutorial and I plugged in my oculucls to my laptop and the accessibility thing won't pop up on my oculus if you could help me figure out the problem that would make my day!

  13. i cant get windows exe downloader dosent pop up when press link?

  14. so just to be clear that this works, cause im boutta get outta school rn just to do this if it does

  15. Hey is the discord still up because it will not loud anything

  16. What if you have a computer and not a pc

  17. if you wanna get rid of it how do you do it

  18. I need help i dont see the mods link in the description

  19. It say please accept inside the headset to authorize ADB TO CONNECT. Then restart. I’m still waiting

  20. It say please plug in your quest and restart questpatcher I need help

  21. Can u do the mods on your school computer?

  22. uh think my quest patcher broke, it kept duplicating and slowed down my computer

  23. Can you help me plz on the api place it only shows me 1 gorilla tag and it’s the pc vr one

  24. theres nothing on the quest-mod-release page for me

  25. hey, Its me again. gorilla tag now says when I go on the unofficial app it says that its not registered to my oculus account or somthing like that. How do I fix this? I really want to mod Gtag.

  26. im so mad because I spent 3 hours to try and get mods and it doesn't work AT ALL

  27. What if u don't have a PC cause I don't have a pc

  28. whenever i putin the file it says install failed unrecognised file type .dll

  29. It doesn’t go to the browse for mod box

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