How to Mod "Blade & Sorcery: Nomad" Without PC! -

How to Mod “Blade & Sorcery: Nomad” Without PC!

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Here is how to download mods for B&S: Nomad using just your Oculus Quest 2 headset! Absolutely no PC required! If you have any trouble or need help, don’t hesitate to leave a comment explaining what you need and I’ll gladly help out the best I can!

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Nexus Mods:

CX File Explorer:


  1. Mine doesn’t appear on unknown sources I’ve tried different cx file explorer on different websites and it’s still seeming to not work do you know the reason? Do I need a phone or a pc or something I’ve been excited about getting it and noting pops up on unknown sources I’ve even logged in to my developer account on the unknown sources thing where it says that’s there’s bugs or abuse I’m not 100% sure what’s going on but if anyone knows how to fix this pleas tell me

  2. For some reason when I download the files app it dosent show up in unknown sources

  3. The thing is that it says it’s downloaded but won’t apear in unknown sources and then I go on to browser and it says it’s downloading

  4. It’s say the I don’t have cx file explore

  5. Nothing is coming up in my unknown sources do u know how to fix it

  6. Once i downloaded Cx file explorer APK, it didn't show up in my Unknown Sources, is there a way to help me with this??

  7. Straight to the point not making the vid 10 mins long new sub brotha!!!

  8. So i enabled dev mode, yet when i install the apk it doesnt show up in my unknown sources but shows up in my files? is there a step im missing

  9. Bro i did it with a Laggy laptop insteaf it worked now that i had facotry reset my headset awhile ago I lost the mods today i did the samw thing again and its Not working the mods Are not showing up in weapon and stuff

  10. okay, good video, but when I download the APK, it doesn’t immediately appear in my “Unknown Sources” folder. Can someone help me?

  11. currently the apk download website server is down.

  12. i tried downloading the apk. it dowloaded but it didnt show in my unknown apps

  13. for some reason i see unknown sources on my oculas but i do not see the file downloaded in there does anyone know the fix?

  14. Why did they have to patch it I don’t have a pc or android

  15. I don't know what you guys used, my oculus started to bug out and open applications that i didn't open.The entire vr bugged out as soon as i downloaded it and even when i restarted it it never showed up as unknow sources so i call it fake

  16. i could'nt downloawd file explorer to the quest

  17. cx file explorer wont download all the way it gets up yo 6.70MB and then it pauses and stays there

  18. Cx isn't going to my unknown sources

  19. It does not appear an unknown sources for me help I did everything It just does not appear in there

  20. process went smoothly, files found and mved. very they just dont show up in game

  21. I cant see cx file explorer in unknown sources

  22. i will not get banned ?
    and is there when i instal the mods i will dont have some hacks on my oculus quest 2 ?

  23. so i got the file i have the unknown sources but the actual app to access does not appear

  24. What do you do when it doesn’t show the app in unknown sources

  25. I tried this and I noticed you just straight up downloaded it then deleted it. I did the exact same thing but obviously it didn’t pop up. If I don’t get any explanation in a few days then this video might be fake

  26. For me with the cx explorer it downloaded but didn't show up in unknown source

  27. What if I still cant see the app in my unknown sources

  28. The CX file explorer doesn’t open up in the unknown sources where is it?

  29. I did everything but Cx file explorer don’t show in unowned sources 😢

  30. i have dev mode on but its not showing anything in unknown sources

  31. Wheni download cx file explorer to the quest nothing appears in unknown sources

  32. Hey for some reason. When I do it it says its downloading but there's no blue bar for me and it didn't download

  33. I downloaded the cs file apk thing but it’s not in my unknown files and yes I did dev mode

  34. Okay guys, I can see that people are still confused as to why it's not working for them, so let's try this; I go live on Twitch every single day, so if you are struggling or you have any questions or comments that you want to bring to my attention (and get my response instantly, right then and there) come by my channel and talk to me using chat! I will be sure to help out in any ways that I can, I promise. Just look up "GhostLegacyX" on Twitch (link in my profile)!

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