How To Make A Video Game Without Coding For Free (Step-By-Step) -

How To Make A Video Game Without Coding For Free (Step-By-Step)

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Want to create your own games? What if you could create games completely free, no matter your current experience?

This video will show you step-by-step how to make your own video games, completely free. How am I going to do that you ask? By teaching you about a brand new game creation platform, which has already gotten massive investment from companies such as Epic Games and several others. I’ve personally been using Core now for just over a year and without having prior experience in Game Dev and now do Game Dev as a full-time job.

After watching this video you’ll have the knowledge required to publish your first multi-player game that you can begin playing with friends immediately. What is great about Core is no other tools are required to begin making games, everything can be done in Core. No outside 3d animation or modeling software is required.

So what are you waiting for? Watch the video and turn your dreams of creating video games into a reality.

— Video Timestamps
Intro (0:00)
Games I’ve Made (0:20)
Getting Started Free (1:29)
Platform Overview (3:26)
Create Your First Game (4:07)
Project Types (4:23)
Game Frameworks (6:15)
Opening Your Game (7:30)
Demo FPS Template (7:51)
Editor Overview (8:48)
Game Textures (9:40)
Adding Weapons (12:39)
Multiplayer Preview (14:33)
Easy Map Design (15:56)
Triggers (17:40)
Adding More Components (19:30)
Publish Your Game (19:49)
How To Be Successful (23:06)
Optional Coding (24:21)
Free Asset Marketplace (25:27)
Have Questions? (26:37)

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  1. Can i do this for the fun? I don't wanna make any money

  2. thx this is a very good tutorial i just wanted to make a quick little game and this really helped thanks

  3. sir if we want to update our game and modify it how can we do it in core and launch it again

  4. Thank you. Now I understood that my friend was fooling me by saying that he used javascript to make a game

  5. I have a question- Can we import custom characters in core

  6. omg im a gamedev too but i create game from unreal engine but seeing your videos i wanna try core for my first time i think it would be more easly

  7. Can we input our own music into the game?

  8. By the way, before i download the game what bit is it?
    32 or 64 since my laptop is quite bad so its 32 bit i really want to use this!

  9. if it is a website why can't i use chrome os

  10. Can I get my game on the google play store or the App Store?

  11. I have a question: can you make singleplayer games with this? All i've seen is refrences to muliplayer.

  12. hi kept getting this issue of could not write preview (antivrus blocking core) could you help me out

  13. Can you profit from the game you make?

  14. Core only works on computers but can you play the games on mobile devices?

  15. Is it possible to make a game on core then transfer it into another code language

  16. It also sounds like a lie for my tablet if it still needs computer it's as bad as buildbox

  17. is it just on core that i could publish a game on? or can i publish on steam?

  18. Hello there during this video i have been downloading Core, But while its processing its stuck, i just want to know if this happened to you and if you know any tips?

  19. Hey bro could you help me make a game it's called Art sword online I wanted to make it like a open-world game where people can hunt animals and do other stuff and visit villages basically like Minecraft but 4K graphics and other stuff and looks like real life

  20. is there anyway to upload the game on appstore or playstore !

  21. core allows us to make a free online game??

  22. can you suggest me any type of app that can build video game

  23. yes yes yes i can make my own game now thank youuuuu soooooo much im subing to you and likeing

  24. Can core run on a low end laptop please reply

  25. can you make a pixel game tho ? do you have to make your own art and music ???? to avoid copyright also how do you make money exactly ? since i own a shit pc and i wanna make a game to earn some money to buy a better pc

  26. So one question i have what kind of power does your pc have to have to run this?

  27. in the first few seconds i could tell it was made in core and thats not exactly the vibe of the game im trying to make so no thanks but it was a good tutorial!

  28. How to make that game can play people that dont have core

  29. I downloaded it and it will not let me create anything do you know why?

  30. you can also use roblox but its slightly harder since you need more advanced building to make a game like you showed in the intro not impossible tho

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