How to make a Video Game in Unity - BASICS (E01) -

How to make a Video Game in Unity – BASICS (E01)

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This video is the first in a mini-series on making your first game.


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  1. Your tutorial is so detail , my Lecturer goes fas as fck, he went to show our class like 5x time as you then he come directly to the coding C# :)) me and my class was just overload from beginning, he show everything in Unity less than 7 minutes :)) so lucky he also recording his speech and I found out your youtube channel so i can learn by my self, thanks , mad respect !!

  2. I just can´t find a Visual Studio version for C#

  3. Wow! I just downloaded Unity, and this was a great tutorial for me!

  4. is there someone withme who is stsrting to learn unity from zero

  5. yeah about that tutorial a lot of beginners may facce a problem wih is that when the player falls he goes the throug the ground to avoid that you have to go to phisics and add something called box collider brackeys didnt add it in his tutorial because in old versions it was automatic

  6. this video is the best tutorial video ever made on youtube 😀 keep up the good work

  7. It's just as beautiful as the day I lost it

  8. Is unity campaitable with any device? When starting late to make video games is it better to start making 2D games first?

  9. Me: Learns play control

    My brain: Publishes the game…

  10. But in my time line, black color is there in free version(I am talking about this timeline)

  11. i am making this cuz for my lil sis she wanted to play a game with her fav character but it costed so i will make my princess this awsomw and make her happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Me after adding an cube
    My Brain: I'm the best Programmer in the world time to remake Minecraft and Fortnite

  13. isn't Brackeys the best teacher ever ?
    yes he is <3

  14. Thanks for teachig. I found out about you from a Russian programmer

  15. this vid too old please make updated vid thx

  16. Thanks for this amazing tutorial I recently got a new PC and decided to learn to use unity. Is very detailed and usefull

  17. Im a writer, an artist and a very ambitious person 👹

  18. anyone else download unity to try and make a game then realised they had no clue of what to do

  19. Bro, I know im late but here to learn programming video games and I subbed you to!

  20. Unity sucks so bad , I’ve tried 3 different computers to download it , and it won’t , and top of that why have to different app set ups ?🤔 clearly they didn’t think that through when making it.

  21. I just want to make money and make sure that i wont pirate a game.

  22. I have a tiny problem. After selecting the rigidbody once and playing it works for once but then later the rigidbody vanishes again I have to select

  23. I'm at the first episode, I'm sure you'll explain about it later, but can import 3d files that I made on maya?

  24. i was trying out a unity course before but for that course i selected IOS and Android how do i change it please help me

  25. Someone pls help me cuz my camera 📷 is falling in the game perspective and my cube is falling in the scene area

  26. My red cube fall trough the ground. What can I do? I use Unity 2021.2.7.

  27. There is a poll towards the end on what programming language you would like me to teach – JavaScript or C#. Both languages can be used to make awesome

  28. For me it just says explore soulutions

  29. Im gonna be visiting this channel once I have a laptop that supports EXE files

  30. each time that i press play it deletes the ground :

  31. Hope you guys like the video!

    There is a poll towards the end on what programming language you would like me to teach – JavaScript or C#. Both languages can be used to make awesome games. JavaScript is considered easier to learn for complete beginners however Unity has shifted heavily towards C# lately (their premade assets, documentation and tutorials is all in C#). C# is my personal favorite but I started in JavaScript so things can quickly change! I will leave the decision to you guys!

    Oh and thanks for all the support on the last video, it makes me excited to bring you more! Remember to share the video if you think it's worth it 😉

    I'll see you in the next one!

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