How to make a GFX only using Roblox Studio [FREE] (No Downloads) {2021} -

How to make a GFX only using Roblox Studio [FREE] (No Downloads) {2021}

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Moon Animator –

Load Character Lite –

Sun Adjuster –

**UPDATE** New updated version of this tutorial here:

Free editing software:

Photopea –


  1. everyone making animations with roblox studio:R6

    everyone making animations with moon animator in roblox studio:R15

  2. How do you have all those tools?! omg I dont have them so I cant do nothing

  3. heyy i was wondering if you know all this stuff about roblox studio and how to make a moving gfx why don’t you make your intro with a gfx with some like text or something ( this is just a suggestion) i think it would be really cool! 🙂

  4. hey can i ask you why i trying to add a text but the text show up like this __

  5. i searched for how to make fx in roblox studio without blender not how to make gfx in roblox studio without blender people dont know the difference aparrently

  6. imagine that girl sees this and gets a free gfx

  7. wait so at 5:52 i put the background color thing in the back but its still on top of the main picture how do i fix that?

  8. Thank you very very much! That helped me A LOT!!!

    New sub :>

  9. Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue This Video Helped Just As Much As I Love You

  10. moon animator 2 says its installed but its not opening

  11. and you got a sub from this amazing tutorial

  12. Bro in the part of the color on background it dont do nothing it keeps on transparent background

    edit: nevermind it worked now

  13. everytime i try coloring the backround, the brush wont work

  14. 'only roblox studios' dont mind me just thinking thats not true

  15. bro is it ok if you can tell me the length and width of the photo

  16. omg thank you so so much for this tutorial, it helped me so much ! if you check out my pfp, it shows a GFX YOU helped me do! <3 tysm

  17. took me 3 hours total with 5 redos because help

  18. I feel like my own art has rejected me. ✋😅

  19. you need to pay 15 robux to spawn a character?

  20. this is just what i need thank you + new subscriber

  21. thanks now i can prank my friend with changing body angle in roblox studio

  22. okay i love this, first off i didnt have to worry about my pc storage, lmao. and also its simple and easy!

  23. Photopea is Completely Glitched, When i try to Brush The Background Its Dosent Even Brush it

  24. Im getting some problems with photo pea

    1. after i cut it its gonna be shiny as hell

    2. when i add a new layer bugs are happening like its not overlapping the characterl like it used too when i did it first try

  25. Thanks tried to use this for my game but didn’t load 🙁

  26. My Personal Opinion on Gfx developers (This is Controversial), that Making Gfx isnt actual development.

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