How to macro on Roblox mobile 🕹️| #roblox #mobile #macro #dahood -

How to macro on Roblox mobile 🕹️| #roblox #mobile #macro #dahood

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  1. Btw they patched dh mobile speed glitch a few days ago when this video was posted but you can speed glitch on da hood modded

  2. If I try to vibrate my lips on the shift lock button, they don’t vibrate because my mouth is literally on my screen

  3. I thought “upper-lip” was using ur lip😭

  4. So get your bottom lip and put it on the shift

  5. I saw a player going flying when he/she was done doing that-

  6. This is too much work to go fast in dh😭

  7. I am today year old when I found you can change fo

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