How to Install Mods in BoneLab (*Quest 2 and PCVR*) -

How to Install Mods in BoneLab (*Quest 2 and PCVR*)

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Hello today I am going to show you how to install any mod menu in gorilla tag, or whatever this video is about, I hope you are going to enjoy the review, showcase, or installation guide!

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  1. "How to install mods"

    -You cant get mods right now

    wtf is this waste of a video

  2. i think the meta website is broken cuz when i redeem the discount it brings to do the game store but doesn't stop loading 🥲

  3. this video feels extremely dragged on as if i were to do it, it would on take like 3 min not 15, also the tags in the desc are against youtube tos.

  4. @itsVald When I go to approved mod and download them, they don't show up in my mod folder

  5. Hay it’s me again can you explore old version of gorilla tag on quest😊

  6. Meta doesn't own stress level zero. You do know that, right?

  7. 8:30 lol its funny because that actually is a secret entrance. maybe your character wasnt strong enough to open it

  8. lmao hover junkers is a game made by stress level zero. Pretty sure it was their first. i remember watching a video on their channel abt it when it first came out

  9. Could you get mods from downloading in a browser then putting it into

  10. shut up bro i just wanna know how to install mods not use your referral link
    ppl that clicked on this video probably already have bonelab

  11. I wish I knew about the referral code before I bought it as soon as it released

  12. Hover junkers is a old game that stress level zero made

  13. my question is, are modded avatars the only thing people are gonna be able to make or can we make modded guns and maps and all types of different things as well?

  14. even tho the parkour is trash and the go kart is not good at all the game is pretty good

  15. This dude never stops talking get to the point 💀💀

  16. Thanks man this helps a lot love your content never give up I’m sure you will make it!

  17. You didn’t pull hard enough on those vents,you can in fact enter them and it’s a whole underground area

  18. Why is every how to mod on quest 2 have the persons quest 2 about to die

  19. 😢😢😢😢I got it for $48😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. L video this nigga don’t even know wtf he talking abt

  21. Man I thought I was gonna learn something that wasn't already in the menu thanks for making it anyway

  22. I can’t get duck season to work 😢it’s says it’s approved but I can’t play it. Please help me!

  23. You see the picture of my friend in oculus my named is emilio_epz

  24. I wish I could get the game when it was on sale because the stupid hurricane I couldn’t

  25. why do you get so much hate???

    EDIT: probably because it never shows

  26. Love seeing the 80 videos becuase pepole re do the video over and over

  27. Dumbest videos I’ve seen on yt about bonelab yet lmao

  28. Bone lab is 40… beat saber is 30 💀 😂


  30. You went to a secret entrance and wished it was a secret entrance

  31. I think hover junkers was stress level 0 very first game

  32. Hey there! I've been having a bit of a problem. I get some custom map's, and then I go to load it up and it doesn't complete the loading. If you could help out it would be very cool of you.

  33. If you beat the game there is going to be a racing map in the mods area in bonelab

  34. okay listen you might think I'm crazy after I tell you this but what if I told you I thought this game was going to be $20 yeah I know it's a good game release but I thought it was just going to be $20

  35. Wait im confused what if I am playing on my Quest 2 but using Airlink on my PC to play Bonelab in PCVR…. which instructions do i follow?

  36. The only mod that is working for me is n64 Mario raceway because there is quest 2 and pcvr file option. I’m on quest 2 and the other mods don’t download for me does anyone have a solution?

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