How to have a sound board in Gorilla tag no PC -

How to have a sound board in Gorilla tag no PC

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  1. This was really helpful. Just nobody else could hear it.

  2. it aint a sound board also NOBODY ELSE can hear it

  3. OMG I WAS UR 1K LIKE imma follow u know

  4. Nice try thanks now I don’t need my phone Gott music

  5. No one could fucking hear it. So it's not a Soundboard

  6. It does not word retard get better tutorials

  7. The whole reason that you have a soundboard is for other people to hear it

  8. Is your browser playing it's not a soundboard That's why people can't hear it I did it before to listen to music So why are you trying to trick everyone 👺

  9. So many people liked not hearing music i was the only one 😐

  10. I did this, and it was the worst decision put this song and put this song on? It was not the song I picked with Daisy Bell, but it was absolutely torture.

  11. It might work, but why does he sound like a two-year-old?

  12. Bro, you’re like five years old you should not have a VR you have to be 13 or older to have one

  13. Thats not soundboard, thats just listen to music and no one can hear it but only you💀👁️👄👁️

  14. You can listen music, but the people not listen

  15. This is Probably The Most Worthless Tutorial

  16. It works but u can only hear it, no one else can

  17. Bravo I am subscribing all these other people are haters, even though it doesn’t work, give them some credit

  18. Bro, this is not a soundboard it’s just how to play a song on gorilla tag

  19. There is another way. You have to put you're phone under you're nose. (No hate)

  20. Thank sooo much now I can play my favorite song metro boomin

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