How To Groom Your Pets in Happy Pets for FREE ! (no downloads) -

How To Groom Your Pets in Happy Pets for FREE ! (no downloads)

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Hi guys ! 😀
So I found a way how to groom your pets in Happy Pets for FREE WITHOUT downloading anything ! 😀 This is the easiest way that I found : Now , you don’t need to use 2 bucks to groom your pets anymore 😀
With this free grooming , you also can earn more coins and XP ! 😀
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  1. 💗 💗THERE'S A PETITION TO BRING BACK HAPPY PETS, please sign & share it with as many people as possible!!! it was a huge part of my childhood & i'm heartbroken that it's gone, along with so many other former players.. this might be the only chance to get our beloved game back 🙁 i REFUSE to believe all hope is lost. maybe we can still make a difference together! ♥

  2. Friend like you have that alumbrante dragon I want it the only valuable thing I have is 7 lions and 7 unicorns vampires I want the lion and that I can have any animal every day except the dragon

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