How to get Premium Plants for FREE + Best Coin Farming Method | Plants vs. Zombies 2 -

How to get Premium Plants for FREE + Best Coin Farming Method | Plants vs. Zombies 2

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This is just a quick little video where I demonstrate two different ways I make progress on my PvZ2 account: a coin farming method using the zen garden and a method to obtain premium plants completely free!

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  1. he show us a tortual everyone can we milk u

  2. Best thing to Coin farm was spamming Marigolds entire Zen garden

  3. Is he serious? I mean it is not like a homework or smthing

  4. The google opinion rewards isn't avalable in my reagon😬😥

  5. You could also speed up your time to make the pants grow instantly

  6. Tip for making coins: just enjoy the game and stop no-lifing a funny game about plants

  7. Is there a way to get free premium plants for apple

  8. you get marigold every 4 sprouts planted

  9. go to date and time and just speed forward the time and do it as much as you want

  10. Thanks this helps me a lot, why didn’t I think of this before

  11. Google opinion rewards???? Ive never heard of that before

  12. when google opnion isn't compatible in your region

  13. can we make fo bot google rewards for an b ez

  14. Well about seed packet you can rent the plant by watching the ads and just play the level after that the game will give you chance to buy a seed packet using gold, gems and even free seed packets if you lucky enough which means will give you 21 seed packet but be aware each seed packet has different prices from 2k gold to 6k gold so yeah number 1 tips come in handy btw

  15. There's no Google Opinion Rewards on my phone

  16. This game's monetisation is garbage, 7 dollars is half an hour of work. and if you want to unlock all of them it'll probably cost you 30 dollars

  17. Half of my zen garden plots are still locked. How do you unlock them?

  18. Where did u uploaded The Google opinion rewards

  19. It actually worked I tried I got all of them my collection of plants is complete

  20. For gem farming: Play Penny's Pursuit. On some levels, there is a first clear reward for playing at difficulty 2 including 4 gems.
    For getting absolutely free premiums: Use the Reflourished mod, which makes the game harder but in exchange makes premium plants non-premium. Note that not all premiums are accessible, some of the super broken premiums are entirely removed.

  21. Google Opinion Rewards not available in some countries

  22. I Am Gonna Do It But With Grapeshot Snow Pea Electric Blueberry Jack O Lantern Strawburst In The Next Day On Pvz2

  23. In The Google opinion app i have The app 2 months and i did not get any surveys 😢

  24. about the premium plants, I think I can earn like 1 or 2 bucks by just helping my mom do stuff like wash the dishes and clean the house, if I do that every day I will have every premium plant in like 2 weeks

  25. This is good but now i gotta get 120 gems for the extra zen garden slots instead of gemium plants

  26. How to Unlock Premium Plants 101: Just Play Reflourshied Instead

  27. Just hack coins into your account 😂😂

  28. Even though i already have 60k coins i still want MORE

  29. One if the most effective coin grind strats is just play endless

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