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How to get more storage space on ps4! 3 BEST/EASY methods on how to get more space on your ps4!

BEST External hard drive for PS4:




  1. Another tip just incase you don’t know your account info always by the disk!You’ll always have the game even if you lose the account

  2. I hope someone sees this…it says that the thing is for pc or Mac not for ps4?

  3. im so happy for you u said lets get 77 likes and u got 16k 👍

  4. But I literally have like five games I know the games that I have have a lot of save that at which I don’t wanna delete and take up a lot of space but most of the games I have except like fortnight I’ve literally paid over $60 for them like I don’t wanna delete that I know I still have the game but I don’t have a dad and that’s the point I want to keep my dad and it’s so annoying because every single time one of my games has the update I will be I don’t know what to do I never have any pictures or videos on my capture gallery I never have any like Spotify or Netflix or Disney+ I don’t have any of those games download it or not games but applications I never have any of those literally the only games I have Fortnite NBA 2K 20 to call duty Warzone modern warfare show 21 and madden that’s all I have really all I have I deleted all my Minecraft stuff I deleted all of my Among Us stuff all of my UFC four stuff all of my like NBA NFL ESPN I deleted rocket league I deleted rogue company I delete a war face I deleted racing rows I deleted big city stories I deleted literally everything except for those games and I don’t know what else to do

  5. Okay I need help whenever I try to play a game it keeps saying that there is not enough system storage to start the application. Are you telling me that you need to have a specific amount of storage to just to even start a game? I’ve have kept deleting stuff but it still says the message and I haven’t been able to play any game. And finally sometimes when I do delete stuff It does let me play but then the next day it says the same thing with the same amount of storage I have to delete to start the game! Plz Help me!

  6. Please spread the word of God and please accept Jesus Christ as your Savior because he did die for you so in His name we pray Amen.

  7. I have 800 ps4 pro and still have no space 🤨🤨🤨

  8. GTA 5 and bioshock infinite got me watching this

  9. I honestly don’t want to delete Minecraft Story Mode

    Because I enjoyed playing Minecraft Story Mode

    It’s my favorite game to play all day

  10. If i got that thing i wolud install all games that I wanted

  11. Can you turn off the ps4 with the thing still connected?

  12. I only got 7 games red dead gta and the modern warfares

  13. If i play physical game.can i use external hard drive to tranfer game data or it only can tranfer digital game data?

  14. So like you say literally like literally all the time literally

  15. Bruh u sound like a guy I know named Jose

  16. I dont know why gta 5 is much farme drop but in red dead is much graphice is not ???

  17. thanks a lot it really helped! I also saw a comment that also helped. 😄👍

  18. When I delete stuff, it sends the exact amount of deleted GB into "other." I can't select "other" for some reason, and it has 90 GB in it. How do I delete this?

  19. If I move full downloaded game files and game data will they read and play seamlessly with the external plugged in. Because if I need to keep moving stuff back n forth to be on the ps4 each time that would be a pain

  20. Ive had warzone on my ps4 for years now and it needs a big update again, I'm just wondering if I delete warzone and reinstall it. Will it be smaller now? Because I no longer would have the old updates I downloaded in the past now.

  21. Would I still have my things in the game if I delete it?

  22. What is the hard drive called? So I can go to Amazon and check it out

  23. I have 86 gb left and it won’t even let me update fortnite

  24. 77 likes more like 18k likes bydeway does that external harddrive works for every game becuz that wasnt the case with the xbox series s and x

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