How to get Minecraft JAVA EDITION on a Chromebook with OptiFine! -

How to get Minecraft JAVA EDITION on a Chromebook with OptiFine!

Peter Salmon
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Minecraft Java Edition on a Chromebook – is it really possible? Yes, you can run the full Java Edition of Minecraft on your Chromebook, and you can even use OptiFine as well! Using the power of Linux (beta) and changing a few hidden settings, this easy-to-follow tutorial walks you through all of the steps to installing and playing Minecraft!

I recently made a video showing how to install Minecraft Forge Mods on your Chromebook! Click here:


Setting up Linux: 1:00
Changing Settings: 1:30
Downloading and Installing Minecraft: 2:28
Installing OptiFine: 3:15

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Hidden Settings: chrome://flags

Minecraft Download:


If you have any issues, check the comments section for help!

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  1. for some reason i can't use crostini and pointer lock….help

  2. So I’ve gotten as far as the SUDO apt -f install and it doesn’t go any further than that. But that was just trying the pocket edition. Maybe I’ll have to try this addition and see what happens. But you have any thoughts on where that could be happening? Could it not be enough room on the chrome book? Most of the room is taken up by almost 6 gigs of system storage and then we only have like two or three apps and I uninstalled everything else but it doesn’t seem to matter. I gave it like 4.8 storage for Linux but maybe that’s not enough

  3. Im so confused because when I enter the pointer lock or the gpu thing in chrome flags it doesn't pop up

  4. wait so if you have the game and play it on chromebooks that run linux, can you play multiplayer java?

  5. what if i dont have crostini gpu support

  6. ive tried to enable everything on the experiments page but nothing is popping up? Is it already there or can I just not install minecraft?

  7. thanks bro! you get a sub from me, this stuff still works after three years!

  8. I just says failed to retrieve info when I try to download, and it still doesn't work when I make the linux app space bigger it still says that. I need help please.

  9. i cant find pointer lock or crostini gpu support, what do i do plz help?

  10. I got it to work once, but then i couldnt open it back up. i tried deleting the file and redownloading it to try again, but every time instead of automatically opening it, it would say "app is available in your terminal. there may also be an icon in your launcher." it doesnt appear in my launcher, and i dont know how to open it with linux.

  11. THANK YOU DUDE. I know this is like 3-4 years later but still suuuuuuper helpful. If you do end up reading this comment, which is highly unlikely, then could you respond answering the following question: Can you play online with it???? Just wanted to know, but anyway, THX MAN!!!

  12. Describing because I really wanted Minecraft thank you so much and we have your name is thank you

  13. when I type crostini GPU it wont pop up on flags

  14. crostini gpu doesnt come up when i search???

  15. I can't find the settings in chrome://flags on my chromebook

  16. can do the last step for some reason. Maybe is the Optifine thing that is being a big problem Ill figure it out Thanks a lot.

  17. Is it okay if Linux is not beta😅 (edit) also thanks u gained a sub this can prob change my life bec I always thought you can only get it on window and others ect thanks so much

  18. This was so usefull! I am forever greatful that you helped me to get this running!

  19. I'm so bumped it won't work for me

  20. Dude, when I search those in the exact place. That you told me go, those do not pop-up.

  21. I like how the code went dhdhdhshrndhfnf bunch jdjdhfhdhchdndhdhd so fast

  22. I dont have those experiments for some reason…..:((((

  23. i didnt have any of the hidden settings u said thay didnt show up plz help

  24. I cant get it 🙁 it says error durring instalation of the deb file. Is it because my chromebook is only 32-bit? please help 🙁

  25. For some reason o don’t have a option that says Linux beta

  26. i tried but when i did it the linux developement mode said error

  27. I am haveing trouble downloading OptiFine. Other than that, I can still play minecraft so thank you. Edit I made it work but one question, I only have acess to demo version. Is that supposed to happen.

  28. i got to the last step but now when i enter "java .jav OptiFine_1.19.2_HD_U_H9.jar" or "
    OptiFine HD U I2" it comes up with "Error: Could not find or load main class .jav
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: /jav" and I've been trying to figure it out for an hour but i can't find anything on this. do you or anyone in the comments have suggestions?

  29. Crostini GPU Support isn't showing up at all for me, no matter what I try

  30. it wont let me get to flags why is this ???

  31. and it does not say crostini gpu support instead it says ime support how is this

  32. My Chromebook wont support pointer lock and crostini gpu

  33. if you have an unsupported chromebook or wtv js enable override software rendering list if crostini gpu doesnt show up im pretty sure its the same thing and it worked good for me

  34. when i search up crostini gpu, nothing shows up…. someone help

  35. the terminal command doe'snt work i loaded the game 2 times and did all the steps for getting optifine but it did not work pls help me!

  36. If I bought minecraft on google play, do I have to buy minecraft again on the java page?

  37. im getting this issue; dpkg –configure -a, apparently i have to manually run this and im not sure how

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