How to get free visits on your Roblox game No Downloads -

How to get free visits on your Roblox game No Downloads

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(Put a local script in the starter gui then paste this)
local TPS = game:GetService(“TeleportService”)
TPS: Teleport(your game id)

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  1. can someone help me when i join the baseplate game it brings me to my game but it doesnt bring me back to the baseplate game:(

  2. Can you get the crown of O with visit s or active players

  3. I have 96 visits manually not with this script but this is cool

  4. is it normal that i didnt work properly for me?

  5. Can we make a teleport for 1 player only?

  6. I got 600+ views for no sudden reason except posting a link in flamingos video

  7. New fix
    get a game teleporter that you walk on in both games that teleport to one and other then on your alt account set tinytask up so that it walks on the teleporter automatically
    If you don’t know what tinytask is it records what your mouse and keyboard does and then it does it

  8. why it does not rejoin automatically? 🙁 🙁

  9. Thank you so much now Im gonnalet 10 alts run and I can help my mom pay the bills because she is unemployed

  10. people : do these things
    me : adds insane number of bots to the game and gets 1m visits

  11. hey i have 101 place Visits so do i need 150

  12. it works like 2 times then it says "roblox has shut down the server for maintenance"

  13. Guys to get robux from it in end of month just make that game call premium friend to stand afk on it and you can get free bebix

  14. press ctrl and c to copy and ctrl v to paste

  15. Btw if you want to make it faster duplicate the script but It can interrupt your Roblox player you can end it in task manger

  16. why do you have 2 Minecraft on your task bar

  17. Sonic & Tails & Knuckles Gaming The Original says:

    is this a cookie logger

  18. it works once then it says Roblox has shut down the server for maintenance what do I do

  19. bro it knida worked cause i joined onece but it went too fast lol and it said roblox maintence lol

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