How to get free Visits NO DOWNLOAD Roblox -

How to get free Visits NO DOWNLOAD Roblox

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In this video, i will be telling u how to free Visits in Roblox studio completely free no bots no hacks No download

The script:
local TPS = game:GetService(“TeleportService”)
TPS: Teleport(7126221129)
Change the numbers to your games

My game try it out:

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  1. works! remember you start with a LOCAL SCRIPT. and its just ONE GAME, not two

  2. got 300 visits in 20 minutes thank you,,edit : for the people that don't work, now its not working for me too sometimes works sometimes not…it says failed to connect

  3. got 5k visits cause i used 5 alts 🙂 took me a bit though

  4. Worked Super Well Thank you for explaining everything it really helped out to understand it

  5. bro all roblox says is you cant connnect to the game

  6. If I get 50k visits can I make 15k Robux or more? Without premium players

  7. thank you,it only works as i go in and out to do it ,but the only person who actually made a very beautiful and itelligent video works,respect.

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