How to get free steam games! [No Downloads] -

How to get free steam games! [No Downloads]

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A site on where you can get a lot of free steam games and gift cards!


  1. Worked! OMG! Thankyou so mutch! Your a legend! Subbed

  2. Can i have terraria? my username is BalancedBreakfast

  3. yea can u gift me black ops mac ?? my user is portalplayer28

  4. guys if you want amazon$10,xbox live 12months,xbox 2100 points,psn$20,gamestop$25,steam$20,facebook credits,itunes$100 and many more giftcards then follow these steps
    1.go to browser and click on url section
    2.type– epicfreeprizes . com/?ref =3475897
    3.start refering your friends and by refering your friends you will earn 1 point have to earn points as per the rewards you want
    5.after having enough points you can redeem a giftcard of your choice

  5. could you plz send me half-life 2? my username is redspikeninja

  6. Lonewolf_98 pls help me get assassin's creed 3

  7. Go here for free steam powered gift cards, works great

  8. can i get your acct to download black ops 2

  9. Access denied for user 'apache'@'localhost' (using password: NO)
    ??? what the fuck??

  10. Found a way of getting free steam gift cards.


    Thought of sharing it out with you guys because I have spended lots of time searching for one which works.

  11. no, im not gonna give money for a survey

  12. Learn how to get free steam cards like me, enjoy

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