How to get free gametime for World Of Warcraft (no downloads or surveys) -

How to get free gametime for World Of Warcraft (no downloads or surveys)

Frost Lock
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In this video im going to show you how to get free gametime for World of Warcraft!

No dowloads or surveys are needed!! I can promise you that this will work!

Here is the link to the website:

Step 1
Register on PrizeRebel by following this link : PrizeRebel Registration site

Step 2
Once you have created your user you can go ahead and start watching videos, answer questions, visit websites, do surveys or any other of the many options you have to get points!

Step 3
Once you have enough points choose World Of Warcraft 60 days prepaid gamecard.


Step 4
Share this blog with your friends 🙂

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  1. yeah you do, but it wont take long time man…. It takes like a few days if you do a few surveys everyday 🙂

  2. I said NO SURVEYS, because you dont NEED to do any surveys. You can easily get gametime without doing surveys. Just watch some videoes or download a program.

  3. Fluro CG If you think you can get wow gametime for free for absolutely no work you are wrong. You have to work for it man. The reason why i share this video is because I was like you. I wanted gametime for free without doing anything. But after many years i realised you cant get it for free instantly. And this is the best method i have found so far.

  4. so.. no download and no surveys but for can buy 60 days you have to do like 60 surveys 

  5. I am afraid it will have some hidden virus.

  6. I have your email.
    Fail man. I gonna post sign up with spam 😀

  7. WAY too hard to get the points for that..

  8. Registration was surprisingly quick and easy! Problem is, it takes FOREVER to get enough points. Happy that it gives you the OPTION to take surveys! Takes a long time but gets the job done. Thanks dude!

  9. "You already have an account or someone has already signed up from your location." This showed up when I tried to sign up FOR THE FIRST TIME. I don't get the second one, you mean, I have to be the first one to sign up from a location??

  10. wow You need surveys or points this helps alot 🙁

  11. YOU DoWNLoaDING SomethiNG and sUrveys or downloads are ur only option well NO DUH!!

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