How to get Free Clothes on ROBLOX 2015 (No downloads) Builders Club only -

How to get Free Clothes on ROBLOX 2015 (No downloads) Builders Club only

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So sorry. This is now for BC’s only. Roblox or the Groups changed the settings in the store to BC only. You can make T-shirts, but I’m sorry!



  1. You know I typed in no builder's club on Roblox, how in the heck did I get here when it says builder's club Only. I rather just buy Robux

  2. Cool video! I have clothes now so thanks a lot! P.S friend me, xxkooksxx 🙂

  3. is really awesome thanks for uploading  this it really help me

  4. i was just in a game with you in twisted muderer if you remember me and i saw you putting spongebob photos everywhere lol

  5. Can you do lets play on terraria please

  6. HEEEy can you pleasse help me with my look add me @rosiejenner

  7. Mines is RinKagamine100 but it didn't work that well so i don't have the images

  8. i'm builders club but overtime i minus one it shows someone's place or something? what did id o wrong can someone please reply?

  9. omfg!! it worked 😮 THANK YOU SOO MUCH XxB3xt3rxX i LOVE ROBLOX 😀 thank goodness i have bc xD

  10. +XxB3xt3rxX i need BC to get pants 🙁 and u done 😐 DF ROBLOX

  11. you have to take the 1 again and again when it shows the shirt

    or pant

  12. GUYS she said it was only for BC in the description and the title says that so don't say this is stupid

  13. It worked but i got too ashamed and guilty that I was copying another person's hard work and selling it as my own so i put it offsale ;(

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