How to get AIMBOT in 1v1.LOL... **EASY** -

How to get AIMBOT in 1v1.LOL… **EASY**

Dante Gaming
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In this video, i explain how to get aimbot in 1v1 LOL! This is how to hack in without getting banned. THANK YOU SO MUCH for watching!

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  1. yo can u 1v1 me dante i've subed and all post noties on

  2. How do you get the badge thingy by your name when your in lobby

  3. I was like what’s that groovy music that he played when he hit the no scope and then I realised..

    It’s the cd lobby song lol

  4. Omg it worked am so good but you could put an x tape on your screen for free aimbot

  5. My screen will glitch around anybody have a fix?

  6. xVADsfsdagagvDVSdzAvzxv SDcbz fvadbzzfbv vvsvBgvv says:

    bro l youtube video

  7. Omg Hary is My frend 😱 This is Orsem 👍

  8. I dont want to hate on you but it doesnt work 🙁

  9. go on mobile and turn on auto shoot and and turn on aim assist

  10. Yo i remember when you played creative destruction

  11. legend says hes still eating chicken nuggets to this day

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