How To Get a Free Auto Clicker For iPad Or iPhone. -

How To Get a Free Auto Clicker For iPad Or iPhone.

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  1. Bro you almost fucked up my iPad I couldn’t cancel the auto click or reset my ipad, worst tutorial >:(

  2. Mine prevents me from doing that, whenever I try to tap before pressing the home button it either selects cancel or ok rather than nothing..

  3. Idiot this isn’t a auto clicker bro you still have to click for it to work not like click for the clicker to work but every 3 secs you have to tap like that’s the worst auto clicker ever

  4. This is so much cap,I pressed the button 3 times and more and more and it did nothing,what a waste of time.

  5. how come this work for all others?
    i lost all the correct color when i go in tiktok then its ment to be purple But then its green
    Can you please try make a video where you turn ur auto clicker off?cause i have been in this in 1 year and its getting really annoying so Im begging you if you Can do it!i tried everything to get away with it

  6. I like how he made this tutorial for Blox fruits I was literally here to do this for Blox fruits your a legend

  7. I want an auto clicker that dosent require clicking at all. I want it to last for hours or days. Can somebody recommend me something? (On mobile plz)

  8. This guy is a legend he linked his name and face in settings bro is 40 years old

  9. I did all and when I went to the game it didn’t autoclick

  10. Lets say i did that and my iphone broke…. Now im using my android and they still repairing it

  11. when i did it it said invalid confirmation

  12. It didn’t work sorry guys you have to go to launch recipes then click what ever you call it then it works thank yo so much


  14. I’m ganno have to watch this agian 😂

  15. Thanks a lot because I play this game that of players always use them

  16. It wont work it makes me click once and it does it for a short period of time until I click it again

  17. It’s not working it shows it tapping but nothing moving

  18. instructions unclear. My iPad doesn't have a home button.

  19. liar it doesnt work annoying blue line shows up and it doesnt spam

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