How to Game on a Chromebook -

How to Game on a Chromebook

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A lot of questions came out of my other Chromebook videos but the most asked one revolves around the question of how to game on a Chromebook.. this video will show you how.
Chromebook gaming is a real thing and there’s a few different ways to do it.

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  1. can you play fortnite with a cromebook without geforce

  2. You can play fortnite on a chromebook on get force now

  3. Can someone help me I was playing solitaire on my chromebook os and listening to commentators on splitscreen. Now when I try one side of the split screen disappears. Like it wont let me do both simultaneously.

  4. what do i do wen the andoriod apps they say they are downloading and then they dont

  5. Could you explain how to get steam on the linux thing that you install and stuff please

  6. Please which game controll do chromebooks support…PS or xbox

  7. got a chromebook as a Christmas gift. i'm trying to get afk arena on it but i can't seem to get it, even through emulators. does anyone know if it's actually possible to get the app working on it?

  8. Does anyone else have problems running fps games? I can only look so far left and right, as if the mouse hits the edge of the screen and then stops.

  9. So I can hook up my chrome book and phone up using bluetooth then play mobile games that I have I on my phone like runescape???

  10. Can this thing run Starcraft brood war and cs 1.6?

  11. Omg thank you so much, I have the exact same laptop and I really miss playing flash games lol

  12. Can you playing Bully in chromebook? Or launching ppsspp emulator?

  13. If you have a 8 gb ram chromebook pls tell me free fire lag on it or not

  14. If you want gaming in general, don't buy this garbage of a computer. If you haven't bought that dumpster fire of a computer, imagine an android ipad with a keyboard. that's a Chromebook

  15. Is it possible to make a cross-platform Fortnite / PUBG game? I wanna play Fortnite on a Chromebook together with some friends who play it on their consoles / Windows machines.

  16. Guys i can help you

    The answer is: just not

  17. Who asked for a gaming computer and got a chrome book for Christmas or B&day

  18. can you play genshin with a controller? my chromebook isnt a touchscreen

  19. Does pes 15 16 or 17 can run in chromebook??

  20. Eevnos umm do you somehow know how to connect the controller settings into a battle royale game? for example this game called FreeFire, thats my favorite game and i really have no clue of how to connect the Controller setting on the screen,could you maybe help? pls

  21. Thank you for creating The Indonesian Subtitle ☺

  22. if i can't use a vitual machine on it then nah.

  23. Do you know how to get Warzone or 2k on chrome book ?? @Eevnos

  24. i need to know how to customize my display for a game called ants the underground kingdom. it stays in phone format but want fullscreen functionability

  25. Chrome os is not that bad, even if you dont have google play you could always get geforce and it gives you 120 fps on pc games like BeamNG

  26. Can you please make a video on how to play games on the chrome book using a keyboard and mouse? It’s not working for me I can only play with the mouse please post a vid abt that😭😭

  27. how do i use my keyboard on my chromebook for games ? can you even use your keyboard for games "?

  28. Will it be possible to get steam downloaded on the chromebook

  29. I’m a gamer but I am happy with it also I tried to put on developer mode and it took forever so lesson don’t turn on developer mode it said welcome to chrome book so DONT DO IT

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