How to Fix Your Computer If You Can't Download Programs and Applications -

How to Fix Your Computer If You Can’t Download Programs and Applications

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How to Fix Your Computer If You Can’t Download Programs and Applications.

There have been reports that users aren’t able to download anything off the internet after updating Windows 10. Well, this issue often occurs due to your Internet options settings located in your Control panel. The issue has been known to occur with all the browsers and not only Microsoft Edge. Due to this factor, the problem becomes critical as not being able to download something that you really need off the internet can be really frustrating.

In this modern era, everything is wrapped around the Internet. Users usually upload files, documents, backups etc. on the internet so that they can easily access it later on. However, if you are not able to download the things that you uploaded for the sole purpose of using it later on it can be really annoying. .

This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and tablets running the Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 operating systems.Works for all major computer manufactures (Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, Samsung).


  1. the one video made on my birthday last year

  2. Whenever I click download it will say open instead of run and won't download

  3. Problem:it wont let me download I keep pressing retry it wont work and I'm gonna try

  4. Mobile internet connected with computer but cannot any application download …y plz guide me…..

  5. Hi sir,I can't install staad pro software in my laptop n after trying the steps, I still can't install it

  6. My computer:Not working ) Me:Plays the video) My computer :mkay lemme jus….. Alright I’m working

  7. Hi, pls i can't install utorrent on windows 7 (access denied & eset node 32 stop it)
    pls help

  8. I keep trying to download but it keeps saying virus scan failed

  9. can you make a vid about why isnt my downloads going into my downloads folder and even if i change the location it said not found??????

  10. My daughters laptop wasn’t working this helped a lot !

  11. Excuse me i want to install roblox but it wouldnt allow me to get because im on laptop and th three options for getting the roblox app is Game hub, share and join can i send u a screenshot please

  12. hi do you know what i open my games donload with on windows 7 thinkpad laptop

  13. Hi, i can't download any apps to my laptop
    I've try several apps to install. But somehow some of the apps can be downloaded but when comes to update, it will shows that my connection server has some problem so it forced to stop
    i've try either updating game client, mircrosoft office, more and more but everything they just stop because of the same problem.

  14. Why i can't download google chrome in my laptop and when i google something its say unable to connect to the internet…. But still connect with wifi can you please help me🙏🙏

  15. I can't download anything like songs off Chrome. Everytime it I see the bar at the bottom left, it keeps saying "Starting"

  16. mine some apps that have no setup when i download it its only a blank white page and when u click nothing

  17. Application not install crome pay store account device problem and sign up please help me

  18. Mine keeps saying it has been deleted because it contains a virus but I’m trying to get chrome

  19. im download forza for along time but when it done i cant see it! it just wasting my time!!

  20. I am getting problem with downloading the files from download please help me

  21. I have been trying to download a photo editing software for hours, this window 10 is getting me mad.

  22. hey i have a insignia laptop in im trying to download something in its saying this version cant be downloaded on my pc check software publisher I need help

  23. Does it still work if your pc wont let you download stuff because of not updating it?

  24. when i try downloading stuff their names come diffrent the names are download 1 html

  25. I was hoping this video was going to show how to Fix Your Computer If You Can't Download Programs. But it just showed where to file where downloaded programs where being saved by your browser.

    Can you post a video showing how to fix downloaded programs that won't open..
    When you click the downloaded setup file .
    It only flashed, but does not open..

    Thanks for sharing.

  26. my stupid borrowed computer is completely useless the driver is too old and i cant install a single app

  27. what buttons do you press when you want your laptop to allow it to download something if it says that it's not allowed to because it is dangerous??

  28. Problem: when i try to download something it say Acess Denied

  29. Hello can you help me i just have replaced my cpu, motherboard and ram all is working exept i cant download any drivers it just gets stuck and its not frozen or anything and if i want to close it i have to use task manager and its not that it takes long i tryed to download one driver for all night and morning nearly 12 hours and still stuck

  30. everytime i try to doenload a game it says save file then nothing happens

  31. can you help with my dowloads they keep on being windows 10

  32. when i move folder into downloads , i cant press ok idk why

  33. I need some thing to get helped, with When I try to download some thing it takes me to the microsoft store. and I cant download like anything from the internet, only from the micro soft store, if you can help with this that be real appreciated.


  35. hi i cant download apps to my laptop because its from hongkong and im in philippines . when i download i need to buy it before i can download

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