How to find Someone's IP Address/Location on Omegle (No Downloads, No Wireshark! Only JavaScript!) -

How to find Someone’s IP Address/Location on Omegle (No Downloads, No Wireshark! Only JavaScript!)

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💥 The ULTIMATE tutorial on finding peoples’ IP / Address Location!

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VPN tutorial coming soon, stay tuned!

API used (get your API key here):
More on WebRTC:
Peer-to-peer (P2P):
JavaScript ES6:

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Intro (00:00)
Parse IP Address (00:49)
Intermission (01:37)
Get Location Info (01:48)
Outro (02:31)

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  1. Can't wait to use this for my educational purposes

  2. i would like to know how to hack into a phone suck as android and iPhone

  3. Omeagle be like: Wanna give out your ip address you want to come on in

  4. Bro took educational purposes to getting up addresses

  5. dude is so smart he can hack into your account and do anything and change your account and log you out if you don't know it or delete your account and you will never see it again

  6. you dont know how many pedos i scared with this

  7. This dude looks like someone who would find your location and break into your home

  8. is it illegal for me to use it on strangers

  9. How do I get this code, anyway I can copy and paste this?

  10. Can I use Firefox with this and something other os like debian

  11. this is how to find there ip address! doesnt tell you how only explains how it works, this is clickbait

  12. Coding is a such a powerful skill that people seem to underestimate nowadays! Whether you're a entrepreneur, scholar, or some internet hacker… knowing how to code will bring you very far in life!- for the last one, it'd be jail, BUT STILL-

  13. yesterday someone told me my location and address then threatened me, i'm currently scared for my life

  14. How to use JS ? How to code this on JS i'm lost in the website

  15. Uncaught SyntaxError: Lexical declaration cannot appear in a single-statement context…?

  16. Thanks for the tutorial mate, now i can beat that kid who were trying to insult me beford 🙂👍

  17. this kind of programs ended up banned on omegle

  18. bro what we do i cant understand can you explain it slowly and detailed 🙏

  19. now im thinking of ways to connect it to roblox

  20. when i connect to a person its saying the console saying' uncaught'

  21. Make a vid on how to download from GiThub there is no Download button 😂

  22. Nah bro almost got me when it said Monroe 😅

  23. Honestly this is the worst tutorial i have ever seen, i cant even follow the tutorial

  24. 👇Code below (YouTube keeps blocking me from posting JavaScript, so I had to minify it)

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    Code here:

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