How to find downloaded files on Android -

How to find downloaded files on Android

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In this video, we show you how to find your downloaded files on Android.
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  1. Like the last two it's not there I think I need i.e. downloading

  2. OMG!! You are zooming through it so fast…I am lost!!!!

  3. My files app is not responding. what to do?

  4. Omg thank you do much…. i tried so hard how to find my downlods thats how i came aross your video ❤😊

  5. I don't believe Facebook downloaded files are stored in Downloads!!!

  6. I have a Motorola Stylus 5g , I have downloaded a TSL file from a friend on FB , it says downloaded when I click it on FB but no matter what I cannot find the file. Can you help? Thank you.

  7. You can't find the file downloaded under my files on an android phone!! Any suggestions, sir?

  8. Thank you so much that's exactly what I needed to know

  9. is there a way to move videos from my files to gallery?

  10. Well. . . this is no help. Are YouTube videos "hidden"? And if they are, how do you unhide them?

    If you put your finger on top of the app before you point to it first people cannot see what app you tapped! Duh. Just saying the name of the app without showing the app itself is both counterproductive and marginally helpful. I am still looking for the File Mgr app…

  12. Why did you put the captions smack on top of what we are trying to see? You talk and point very fast…. as though that shows how smart you are. All the fast talk and fliping your finger around makes this tutorial just a blur. I need help, not smart-eleck condescention.

  13. What is a t capital t file in the downloads folder of my Android

  14. You obviously don't know a lot about Android.

  15. Still no joy. The question is how do I watch a downloaded movie

  16. nice but how do i move them to a different folder

  17. Can someone please help ? Its making me pay.

  18. On Android just downloaded a file from facebook . It goes to "download manager" . If I check in Download folder nothing there ! I can only open the file from notification from "download manager" . Where the hell is the file located ?

  19. I went to download , but I didn’t find them !

  20. I opened the pdfs but cant find them to transfer to my computer.

  21. Thx the ads are finally gone cuz I downloaded smth on google

  22. For whatever reason my files doesn't show when I downloaded them but are in sdcard/internal storage > android > data > > files > downloads just to find my downloads move them out of that folder now my stuff shows

  23. That's funny. I have a OnePlus, and it's called My Files.
    I had to go check because I never remembered seeing Manager.

  24. I already did that and the file I juts downloaded is not showing there

  25. My problem is how to download the file in the downloaded i was downloading a deleted game in playstore and my only way is in files but i do not onow hoe to download them

  26. I can’t open my downloaded video in gallery which result not being able to post it on social media!
    Help please

  27. When I try to download or even just open and read a PDF from a Facebook group I get the message that it was an unsuccessful. I can only find articles about how they won't open on Android for some dumb made-up reason. However, some people in the group soy men are able to open the PDF on Android. What is going on with that?

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