How to find downloaded files on Android -

How to find downloaded files on Android

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In this video, we show you how to find your downloaded files on Android.
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  1. Thx the ads are finally gone cuz I downloaded smth on google

  2. For whatever reason my files doesn't show when I downloaded them but are in sdcard/internal storage > android > data > > files > downloads just to find my downloads move them out of that folder now my stuff shows

  3. That's funny. I have a OnePlus, and it's called My Files.
    I had to go check because I never remembered seeing Manager.

  4. I already did that and the file I juts downloaded is not showing there

  5. My problem is how to download the file in the downloaded i was downloading a deleted game in playstore and my only way is in files but i do not onow hoe to download them

  6. I can’t open my downloaded video in gallery which result not being able to post it on social media!
    Help please

  7. When I try to download or even just open and read a PDF from a Facebook group I get the message that it was an unsuccessful. I can only find articles about how they won't open on Android for some dumb made-up reason. However, some people in the group soy men are able to open the PDF on Android. What is going on with that?

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