How to Download YouTube Videos -

How to Download YouTube Videos

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Hours of footage is uploaded to YouTube every second. What if you want to download it? In some circles, that’s considered a big no-no, but you have your reasons, right? Here’s how.

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  1. araling panlipunan grade 5 quarter 1 week 6

  2. which software program do u recommend bc I just need certain songs for my imove

  3. I wanna send my friend memes on discord that's my reason

  4. Honey, many people work in an environment with a computer and no internet access for sometime 16 hours. Trying working on the night shift.

  5. im just using this for a soundboard and ytmp3 is tryna give me viruses

  6. this is all very well , but the question I asked is where do i get the download program from ??🙂

  7. thank you for the help i need the video for my html project

  8. Is it possible to download shorts with this too? I am missing the button. The rest works fine.

  9. i want to download some videos for my mp3 player. also love ur happy vibes!!!

  10. Thanks for the help guys I’ll be sure to download a software and do it! I didn’t even know it was that simple!

  11. Sounds great. There are many services which claim to do this. But none of them will work . . . not at all. You paste the url in, click download and nothing happens.

  12. Trying to add video's of clips on my youtube channel but it only lets me past a link in community section. How can I download clips that people make when awesome things happen?

  13. Thank you so much now I know how to get videos to put in my videos just in case I need to make it comical or just for playing fun thank you thank you thank you

  14. Yeah but WHAT are the safe software sites to use to download with?!

  15. Why does this guy sound like kermit the frog

  16. For this task, SnapDownloader is by far the simplest and cleanest application of this sort I've tried and I've tried many. I need to download videos to use in keynote presentations and sometimes save podcasts as mp3 on local drives. Many apps out there are way too complicated for this simple task, too many settings and too many buttons to push. A pain to use. SnapDownloader has a very clean interface and it just works.

  17. This doesn't tell me ANYTHING! surely everyone know how to cut/paste a URL. Which software should I use? Do you know anything on this subject??

  18. Hey, uh I'm on Mac and every time I try to download a video it keeps forcing me to install flash even though I know it's out of date. Any tips to get rid of that?

  19. Hang on, did I just watch a how to video which basically said, get some software? This has to be the absolute worst how to vid I've ever seen. How has it got 21k likes? although we can't see the dislikes which I suspect is noticeably higher. Massive thumbs down.

  20. How to download you tube video when wifi is not working download is paused

  21. only helpful video I watched after 2 hours, thanks!

  22. Absolute garbage video. Skimmed over the info which was actually important

  23. You can also click on the 3 dots next to share and create a topic and save, can't guarantee it will be there forever though.

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